Upcoming UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Artwork


Yeah I remember hearing they changed depending but now they stopped it. I can’t deny Wolfs Rain having it is a bit annoying for a UE


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The downside to an O-Card is it usually sits there all the time, kind of over-riding the artwork underneath as it only gets shown when you want to access the discs (unless you're an anarchist and hide your O-Cards elsewhere!)
I must be the devil, since I throw every O-card to the bin.


I want to watch this film in HD I have two options be Illegal or get this Ce. I will get CE
Let’s not get started on it was announced from cinemas then not


Didn't AL just today reveal a movie CE that only has a standard DVD alongside it?
Yes so they broke their own tradition and sorry it FUNIMATION not Sentai and there release date is near same so I will get ALs I always always was getting the CE but I was thinking (I know empathy) for people who have the SEs of the show so want a set to match or don’t want to spend £23 On a film with scathing reviews. Oh but I’m impatient and entitled who doesnt give a **** of anyone else
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Also, just noticed that line at the top. I feel 'From the creators of Red vs Blue' is slightly disingenuous. Sure, it's from the same production company, but the concept nor the writing/directing is done by any of the original Red vs Blue team. It would be like saying Jack and Jill is from the creators of The Shawshank Redemption, just because they're both distributed by Columbia Pictures...