Overseas Upcoming Non-UK Anime BD/DVD Artwork

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  1. anime_andrew

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    Who says we aren't? They're using a book that was printed 2 years after I re-released so the assets only became available recently.

    If you follow the logic too from me - it's the 20th Anniversary of the film and all so we have things in the pipeline for Q4 this year for Perfect Blue :).

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  2. Jaysgba

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    That's a re-release I can definitely get behind. I still regret missing the original AL CE and having to get the standard.
  3. bakum4tsu

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    Now now... what we also want is Millennium Actress masterpiece!!!!!!!! We know you can do it!!!
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  4. britguy

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    Oh yes, this will be mine! One Punch Man LE, includes OVAs (which I have yet to see!)

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  5. ayase

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    Don't know what the situation with the rights is, but a nice matching set of Kon films would be excellent indeed.
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  6. bakum4tsu

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    That would also be awesome!!
  7. Robbl

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    Do we have any information on who will be releasing this in the UK. Please don't let it be ****** Kaze.
  8. Buzz201

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    Sorry to disappoint you, but it was acquired by Viz, Viz Media Europe and Daisuki together. So it will be Kaze.
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  9. Jaysgba

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    At least the Japanese release is English friendly.
  10. IncendiaryLemon

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    If you happen to have some deep pockets :p
  11. Iluvatar

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    Kaze FR have done a really good job with OPM (egual or better than the US edition in term of packaging) so maybe Kaze uk will copy that version.
  12. IncendiaryLemon

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    Have Kaze ever released a LE set over here?
  13. NormanicGrav

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    Berserk Golden Age Film 1
    Bleach Movie 4
    Journey of Agartha

    and in some ways

    Persona 4
    Tiger & Bunny
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  14. ayase

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    I don't know why Kaze don't just stick English subtitles on their French releases and have done with it. It would probably save everyone concerned time, money and heartache.
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  15. Jaysgba

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    They do a lot of the time.
  16. SnowWolf

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    Shout Factory's Digimon Tri: Reunion release unveiled.

    Like it better then the UK one. Might have to import.
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    Outlaw Star Funimation release
    Collector's Edition
    Standard Edition
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