Overseas Upcoming Non-UK Anime BD/DVD Artwork


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Here's some of the recent artwork from US this past week:

Ajin: Demi-Human: Complete Season 1 [Collector's Edition] (Combo)
Release Date: May 16th 2017
Price SRP: $149.98
Special Edition contents: Volume 1 of Manga with special cover (available standalone without special cover), Poster, 6 Artcards

Girls und Panzer der Film (Combo)
Release Date: May 16th 2017
Price SRP: $49.98

Kino's Journey: Complete Collection [2016 re-release] (DVD)
Release Date: June 6th 2017
Price SRP: $29.98

Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu [Aniplex Limited Edition] (Blu-ray)
Release Date: May 9th 2017
Price SRP: $89.98
Special Edition contents: Original Soundtrack, Booklet, Postcards

Momokuri: Complete Collection (Blu-ray) (DVD)
Release Date: May 23rd 2017
Price SRP: $59.98 (Blu-ray), $49.98 (DVD)

While it is expensive, I might consider getting it (somewhere along the line... perhaps:confused:).
I really like the box art, it would have been perfect were it not for the 'amp' and 'King Records' labels.


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[FR] Dybex
Trigun (DVD) - A4 Collector edition
Comes with a 68 pages A4 sized artbook
SRP: 35€

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (Blu-Ray / DVD Combo)
Comes with a 24 pages booklet and a DVD with bonus material
SRP: 35€

[FR] Kana (IDP)

Overlord (Blu-ray / DVD Combo) - Collector's edition
Comes with a 52 pages booklet and the 8 OVAs
SRP: 35€

[DE] Peppermint Anime

Guilty Crown - Complete collection (Blu-Ray)
Comes with a booklet, OAV and other video extras
SRP: 105€


Great Teacher
[DE] Peppermint Anime
COWBOY BEBOP Blu-ray Collector's Box (remastered version)
BD/DVD-Specials | Akibapass Shop

Comes with
  • All 26 episodes on 5 discs
  • German and Japanese audio
  • German, Dutch and Portuguese subtitles
  • HD Master Audio 5.1
  • 192 page booklet of drawings and sketches
  • 56 page compendium with information about the Cowboy Bebop universe
  • 76 page art book
  • Poster
  • 4 postcards
  • Session #0, AMV and Clean Opening (roughly 1 hour of bonus content)

SRP: 79.99€
It seems to be a copy of the Dynit release with subtitles in my native language (Dutch). :D Peppermint is probably working with Dybex, so it might have French audio+subs as well. Time to put the Funi release in the trashcan where it belongs.
Was it that bad?
My reaction was a bit hyperbolic, but I'm quite unhappy with the Funimation Blu-ray. Funimation DNR'd the video master to remove dust and damage, but in the process some detail has been erased, which is especially noticeable in scenes with a lot of shadow detail. After the DNR pass, they've added a 35mm grain plate to replace the erased grain. The end result is something that in my opinion doesn't look quite like 35mm film with a lot of compression issues. You can see a screenshot comparison with Anime Limited release here.

Seeing as how the packaging is identical to the Dynit release, I'm really hoping Peppermint/Dybex are also using the Dynit encodes.


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Well, the italian release definitely was the first (non-japanese) release with a good video track. All the previous are flawed in some ways. It was extensively discussed on blu-ray.com with comparisons shots from the japanese release, AL's and FUNi's.
Plus Dybex has (or had?) italian rights as well so it's highly possible reusing one's packaging was part of the deal.

The hype is real.