Overseas Upcoming Non-UK Anime BD/DVD Artwork

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  1. crashmatt

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    Jerome would **** bricks if it has English subs, its not happening. I hope Manga show what they intend to do with their version soon.
  2. thedoctor2016

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    Sailor Moon S From Madman for me there whole sets are better cos the booklet is DVD sized
  3. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Dragon Knight

    Hanabee are finally giving this a SE for 60 AUD 23rd Feb
  4. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Za Warudo

    That's not really a bargain as that's what I paid for the Hanabee's Limited Editions.
  5. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Dragon Knight

    I'm sure it will probably go down to 40 AUD and lower during sales
  6. crashmatt

    crashmatt Thousand Master

    Im interested in the SE version of Fate, hopefully MVM do the same. Also Hanabee have Chaika season 2 so it looks like I'll be importing that
  7. Anime1977

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    You have got to be kidding I'm not bloody buying it again because I've already have the steel book manga released oh I just seen its for France.
  8. Peachy

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    Ohhhh nice! ... just gonna leave this tag here.. @johnnythm

  9. NormanicGrav

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    Format: Blu-ray
    Audio: English & Japanese
    Release Date: April 7th 2017


    A re-re-release of the original version of the film. This contains the same audio specs and also comes with a special booklet. On-disc features include Theater specials, Theatrical trailer, Advance Promotion, Digital Works (Making of), Commercials.

    SRP is 5184 Yen and current price on Amazon Japan is 3855 Yen (5543 Yen [~£40] in total - includes P&P & VAT).
  10. Jaysgba

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    You say the same audio specs but mention not the video. Don't suppose it's the good version?
  11. Iluvatar

    Iluvatar Kiznaiver

    Kaze France : Perfect Blue.

    (Visuals TBC)

    Standart ed (16€) :

    CE ed : (A4-ish size box, 192 pages A4 storyboard, 64 pages A4 artbook.) (38€)
  12. NormanicGrav

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    I've heard it's the better version both audio and video quality wise. The previous Japanese Blu-ray releases had solid video quality from what I've been told anyway. I'm willing to pick this one up since it's rather cheap compared to other Japanese sets.
  13. Jaysgba

    Jaysgba Thousand Master

    Why can't AL do a Perfect Blue CE like that? Storyboards are much more interesting than artcards.
  14. qaiz

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    Understatement of the century.
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  15. thedoctor2016

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    CR/FUNi first set looking good as it is basically a copy of s2's
  16. PilibO

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  17. IncendiaryLemon

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    They didn't even put Nagisa on the spine, 0/10, boycott Funimation.
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  18. Buzz201

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    Best boy keeps being overlooked. Sad!

    Will boycott over this. (Not that I intended to purchase anyway.)
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  19. IncendiaryLemon

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  20. Gemsy-chan

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    Nice to see my boyfriendo Makoto is on the spine :oops:
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