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Is this a good price? Ancient Magus Bride Part 2 Blu-ray £10.29

Just noticed part 1 is £14.50.

2nd edit, just noticed HMV have part 1 £9.99 and part 2 £9.99 for the DVD.
Not too bad price, might go a little lower at some point (see below).
Funimation are doing (might actually be released) a re-release of the full collection. But that will also be considered a new release and at what I can only assume will be more around the price of £25-30.
But with that it possbile a few more 2nd hand copies of the parts become avalible or even Cex get more copies in and lowers there price (currently £8-10).


Adventurer | Black Lagoon - Complete Series (Limited Edition): Acquista in DVD e Blu ray

An insane deal on Black Lagoon CE on Amazon Italy but due to previous deals not shipping to the UK I am unsure if this one will but thought I would share all the same.
Looks good and I expect they would dispatch it.

NOTE: it is from Amazon Warehouse, so if I had to guess it's a return, and Amazon defintion of excellent may not be the same as mine (Maybe artbox dents or something like that, or maybe just opened and realized it doesnt cater to italian or something)
Used: Excellent condition | Details
Sold by Amazon Warehouse
Fulfilled by Amazon

Jon O Fun

Dragon Knight
HMV have an MVM sale on at the moment some good deals (cheaper than that last MVM sale 😂)
Stand out is Fate/Stay Night UBW CE for £56



They wouldn't ship the cheap Seed UE and Big Order CE from the other week, they were not 3rd party listings.
Better than what happens to me when they don't want to ship it too you, they seprate your delivery and the items they don't want to send, then say they have dispatched and parcel just never arrives, with lots of "your parcel will be with you shortly", followed by we "couldn't find your address or parcel". Then make you wait weeks for the refund, which in my case always comes through as credit, as it often how I make the purchase.