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Up to 50% off Crunchroll Blu-ray & DVD at Rarewaves
Up to 50% off Crunchroll Blu-ray & DVD at Rarewaves
is there a code to enter? £30 for Dr stone is a bit on the pricey side
is there a code to enter? £30 for Dr stone is a bit on the pricey side
No extra code I think, that just one of those titles that isnt really worth it as they charge full RRP and then take off 30/40/50% (40% in Dr stones case). Crunchyroll/funimation titles don't look as easy to get for a the lower price range even after orginal release date has passed on by quite a bit.

If your wanting dr stone season 1 your best bet is probably the steelbook from Zavvi, but currently £22-24 (I think its drop to around 15-17 recently ish, but it will probably drop in price again sometime), but yeah not the same as the plastic case and have to deal with zavvi if anything goes wrong.

EDIT: Unless you meant season 2 for £30, and if so forget all of that above, but either way not great on pricing with S1 being the same as S2
Neon Genesis Evangelion (Standard Edition) down to £34.99 on Amazon, cheapest it's ever been I believe!
But if Amazon can charge that I'd imagine AL could match or have cheaper in the Xmas sale 🤷‍♂️

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If you were doing that for a local UK order being delivered by a tracked service like dpd for example, you could order and then just change the date of delivery to when you're around. Maybe you could look into their delivery services and do something similar?

Thanks for the advice. It looks like the place I'll be staying is completely fine with holding onto parcels until I get there. So I'll be okay to put in an order tomorrow then all I have to worry about is geo-locking.
If your grabbing both overlord 2 CE and BOFURI CE from Zavvi or just another combo of £60+ I think is a day or so left on this coupon of 15% off £60+:
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It's strange I thought Bofuri sold out a while ago, and I would have assumed Overlord S2 CE was OOP a while back. Are these newly minted?
Its probably just zavvi re-finding stock in the back of there warehouse, and yep both have been considered OOP for a while.
BOFURI orgianl release was well under what people excepted and alot of people had there order cancelled (me included, so I imported an AUS version). So maybe most of there stock went to Zavvi and they instantly lost it, because well you know their Zavvi, and it what they do.

But yeah zavvi do find stock every so often and throw it up for sale. As sniper_samurai said they did similar with Re:zero part 2 last year.
Has anyone's Bofuri actually arrived yet? Feeling like I'm once again going to have email them :rolleyes:
Yeah I've seen a few people post there BOFURI orders up in the photo thread, but Zavvi are very slow at dispatch sometimes (there was a RM strike yeasterday, so may have slowed it a bit).
When it does arrive be-carful with the glue between the art box and filler box, its super strong and very easy to damage your set.