UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


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Considering this is the UK Blu-Ray & DVD Bargains thread, surprising to see so many offers/posts that aren't either.


Actually I like that, Otaku Bargain works better than splitting the thread up.
Yeah, a Japanese related media and merch only bargains thread.
Although games could be included there is a thread for Games specifically (and one for Live Action Films), but they're in their own separate forums.


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Amazon have a bizarre tendency sometimes to pack pretty expensive items in little to no packaging whilst cheaper items get the full box and packing paper treatment. It’s often pot luck for me at least.
Well they’ve dispatched it, apparently it’s coming Wednesday.


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Amazon UK and US still have their mini sales from the Black Friday & Cyber Monday season

UK has the 20% off select stuff which is hit or miss
US has a whole bunch of Funimation titles, including Essentials and older Anime Classics

Also Garden of Sinners Blu-ray collection is now £90 on Amazon UK, back to the original price range from months back. And Monogatari Second Season is still £84.99 (if you don't want to pay upfront at MVM's store just yet).

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