UK Anime Blu-ray & DVD Bargains


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Feel free to use this If anyone in the U.S. (or wherever you need to located to be eligible to redeem Funimation codes) wants a code for Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F.
'Digital HD Ultra Violet' Code: FUNC6SYKU7ZG6Q11


There doesn’t seem to be as much interest for it this year perhaps. Personally there’s one or two items I might get but I need to see what my account looks like in a few days.


I’ve ordered it, and like @Patient-X I’m still waiting for my order to ship. Hopefully at least one of them does. Not sure what I’d do if I had a spare though.


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My order shipped today, expected to arrive on Thursday. It's tempting to order another one from UK, but that would not be the most gentlemanly thing to do.

Disc 6 is region A locked. That may explain why the set is being dumped.