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School Idol
A 4K version of Akira is going to be shown in UK cinemas, the first time this version will be shown outside of Japan.

No, it was already shown in Hong Kong and France (Belgium next week).


Death Scythe
For the longest time sports anime held no interest to me but since Haikyu I cant get enough. Anime as a medium is tailor made for sports type anime!


AUKN Staff

Shenmue the Animation was officially announced at Crunchyroll Expo by both Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. 13 episodes and animated by studio Telecom Animation Film aka Lupin the Third Parts 4 & 5, Tower of God and also the Miss Nagatoro anime series.


AUKN Staff

UK manga related news, the first 7 volumes of World's End Harem and the first 10 volumes of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs are effectively deleted from Amazon, so you can no longer acquire those volumes on that site.

The good news is that all of the volumes for both series are available to purchase physically on Blackwells. Book Depository also has the volumes but there is a chance they may delist them as well given they are owned by Amazon.


Dandy Guy, in Space
My biggest concern with Amazon's activity in censoring manga lately is that distributors will become less likely to license and release uncut English versions, with the biggest book seller carrying out these actions.
Already seen this occur with UzaMaid where the version on Amazon is healthy censored and only a digital uncut version exists on other sites.
Kaiten specifically cited Amazon's actions with No game no life for the method they released this manga.


Funny how its the sort of thing like light novels that made amazon so big in the first place. They are going to notice how much they've lost after this.

The books this effects aren't legally banned. This just gives them a lot more competition