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Pokémon Master
Sarazanmai is getting a stage play.
Sara's voice actress will also be her actress in the play and Wataru Osakabe (the one who gave the show and Penguindrum before those iconic typography and toilet stick figures) is responsible for the logos and stuff for the play, as well.
And as as he phrases it pretty fittingly

"How they are going to express that on a stage goes beyond my imagination..."

(Kawausoiya supposedly has been enacted in real as a demo for the VA's recording sessions and made everyone go "what the...?" and there was some picture of a joke re-anecament of the sequence's last frame, so supposedly that actually works out. Somehow. But how in the word is that butt stuff supposed to work. Or even the kappas. Are they going for monstrous mascot plushie costumes, plastic figures or painted green alien mans? ????)

Ian Wolf

AUKN Staff
The Guardian has been publishing lists of the 100 best releases of the 21st century across various media (TV, film, music etc.). It is list of the 100 best films of the 21st century, "Spirited Away" came in at No. 22.