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Girls wIth Guns

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Girls with Guns! Yay! Looks like those are target rifles, so I'm guessing a high school rifle team? I was a member of my high school's Rifle team, back in the days when they still used live .22 ammo for shooting, on a range in the basement of the school. I would say that this would be an instant buy for me if it comes out on Blu, but it looks like it could be a little too cutesy for my tastes... I guess I'll at least check it out...


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Just noticed that Lu Over the Wall is currently available on demand on Sky. It is also on Sky Animation tonight at 10.55 and on Sky Select on Monday at 4.20 am.

Big Fish & Begonia is on Saturday at 9.40pm and Sunday at 4.30 am as well.


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Today was a con in Germany and publisher Peppermint came along with some licenses that include

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Fire Force
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files
Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka
Natsume’s Book of Friends The Movie

Taking in a long breath.


Being from Peppermint does make me crunch teeth (they will plaster their stupid self-ad laurel on the cover again) and just taking pretty much the last segment of the franchise so far and releasing it stand alone is also a bit weird (especially as for more context there is only the Manga, which is a bad seller and some volumes are already OOP), but I guess since it's probably being pretty standalone like most of any of Natsume it's probably to going to be too hard to follow on newcomers.
But most of all that means at least it's not impossible to license.


Don't know if anyone is actually watching this, but BEM episode 4 has been delayed by 2 weeks. Seems it involved fire and due to the events at KyoAni they're changing it, so it will now be shown on the 18th.