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So wait they're gobbling up even more studios? I already knew/had an inkling that SAC45 was a Netflix thing, just makes it look like the future of the anime industry is Netflix, which would actually suck for western viewers since they get them so late


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And knowing Netflix ghost in the shell sac2045 won't get a disk release and I've said this before on Reddit Netflix is a curse hell all steaming is because it looks like the media industry wants to go streaming only and video games as a service which Microsoft are pushing with their next console.


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Am I misunderstanding this? Netflix aren't actually acquiring these studios are they? Just throwing money at them to make things. Fair enough that it effects physical release availability but the industry itself not so much or am I missing something?
Physical releases are out for Castlevania and Knights of Sidonia and a few other partnerships they've had. I just don't see how it has a negative affect on anything other than rival streaming services like Crunchyroll. This could always be an opportunity for AL and the like to shift Netflix's attitude towards physical media. Obviously it wouldn't be in the immediate but when is it ever for this country? Like everything else they'd trial it in the US first.
video games as a service which Microsoft are pushing with their next console.
Microsoft aren't the first to try for that. It's not gonna happen until EVERYONE has decent broadband speed, but remember that they consider the majority of their customer base to be located in the US. Some of the worst broadband offerings are over there and they're more likely to have Google restart the Google Fibre thing and then get in bed with them to roll it out. Internets too crap otherwise. PlayStation have PSNow (which has limited offerings as I'm sure people know) and UbiSoft, EA and Steam are all sacking it off now their CEOs have been told to shutup and make more DLC.


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B: The Beginning is getting a physical release which is from their partnership with Production IG. Violet Evergarden is also, but that was a different type of deal IIRC.
No Devilman Crybaby, in the West, yet though!


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Its they’ve signed distribution deals with these studios they ain’t buying them. But BONES, IG (+WIT stuff it seems) now DavPro Netflix is a massive player in anime now in like 3 years. KyoAni like TV exposure so I doubt they will be selling distribution WW yet.
And they’ve also got Fuji’s +Ultra block so Carole and Tuesday won’t be on simulcast next season. Looks like amazon is focusing just Japan from now on which tbh is the smart way imo.


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Looks like. But isn’t Altered Carbon kinda a good premise but an okay tv show so potentially the anime could work but who is anima?
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Fair enough that it effects physical release availability
In what way does it have an effect?
Netflix originals only have to wait 12 months before foreign home media releases are allowed, regardless of if Japan have even had a physical release.


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Bungo is looking great, really excited for it returning. I enjoy the Drifting Dragon's manga, so that should be an entertaining watch as well.

Not heard of Given before, but looks like it's music focused? Certainly on board if that's the case. :)