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There's a trilogy of films called Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System that have only just finished releasing in Japan.
Just had a dig through the MAL comments section for the first one:
Definately not a sequel since some characters who died on previous seasons appear and also not a prequel either since all the team is together. As others previously mentioned is more of a side story, set in the same world but not connected to the main story line.
So sounds like an alternative side story, although the synopsis of the third one sounds like it follows on from the original movie.
Who bets characters or events introduced in these “side stories” pop up. Always happens when people say but it’s a side story (Free and TYM springs to mind yes it’s side story OVAs but fills in blanks in s3)
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Arrow have announced their May releases, including:

Quite a bizarre choice for Arrow to restore themselves, and disappointing that Angel's Egg isn't at least being released alongside it. This is merely a poor homage.
Further to this, Arrow confirmed yesterday that for Angel's Egg they "tried but couldn't make it happen."