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Adventuring Alchemist
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That didn't last long! I'm assuming HiDive and Sentai putting all their stuff on there compared to Strike just effectively killed it...


Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
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Seven Seas' recent release of Monster Girl Doctor has been reported to contain errors in the grammar during its first print run.

The publisher have responded to ANN that they will be working on correcting them for future print runs as well as the digital version:
Thanks for the review, Theron! We at Seven Seas recently became aware that this book went to its first printing with some uncorrected mistakes, and we’re in the process of correcting them for later printings and updating the digital edition. Sorry for the trouble!


School Idol
Violet Evergarden supposedly has 14 episodes. 13 regular and 1 OVA.
4 BD/DVD volumes split into
3 episodes
4 episodes
3 episodes
4 episodes sets

JP subtitles only, no Eng subs for the Japanese home video release.

ultimatemegax@ユーフォ天国 on Twitter
Damn, I would 100% have imported it if it had Eng subs. Don't really want to wait 'til 2019 (maybe even 2020 depending on the inevitable delays) to have the BD in my hands.


School Idol
Ripping and Subbing yourself is always an answer if waiting isn't
I could, but I've never really dabbled in that before. If we didn't know about the future AL release, I might have done it. Instead I now have faith in them potentially releasing a beautiful Ultimate Edition or at least a nice Collector's Edition.