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When more sellers start joining up it should improve rapidly, since some are likely to opt to allow international shipping. I hope it offers another good option.

The BFI will be celebrating animation throughout 2018 "showcasing the craft and creativity of animation in all its forms and genres, from cut-outs, puppetry and stop-motion to anime and CGI. There will be previews, re-releases and panel discussions all designed to illustrate why this unique art form can achieve what its live-action counterpart can’t, and why, despite popular misconceptions, animation is as much for adults as it is for children."


And you thought there is never a Grav online
The latest chapter of Berserk will be available on 22nd December 2017.

Translation notes indicate it's the conclusion to that mini arc that was currently going on in the recent chapters.
A recap of what's been happening, Farnese and Schierke went on a mission to restore Casca's memories and as such have experienced key events throughout Casca's life. Both will soon experience the events of the Eclipse.
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Looks like Flip Flappers and Girlish Number have both been removed from CR, although both are still on HiDive. Wonder if we'll slowly see all Sentai shows evaporate from CR.
Awesome. Loved flip flappers. Soon sentai will take the shirt off my back and my very blood after taking anything someone might actually watch and rally it to anime strike. Ironic that the name gives you instructions on how you could stop such a practice