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Discussion in 'Anime News & Rumours' started by ilmaestro, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Rena Ryuugu

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    It's sad to hear this, I love both the Highschool Of The Dead anime and manga. RIP ;_;
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  4. Neil.T

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    This week's issue of free music mag NME has coverage of Hollywood Ghost in the Shell. I picked up a copy in HMV. (New issue out Friday.)
  5. Shiroi Hane

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    Which volume? I wouldn't say I've dropped it exactly, but I rather lost interest around the loli vampire foot licking stuff, and so when Yen/Amazon cancelled all my pre-orders and raised prices I never bothered to re-order.
  6. ShipTeaser

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    Volume six. Which has been delayed again and again by yen heh. It's a prequel that is very different in tone. It has much feels within it
  7. sniper_samurai

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    The listings are up now for the annual Japanese Film Festival in Ireland. In terms of anime they are showing a double bill of Kizumonogatari parts 1 & 2, Kizumonogatari part 3 and SAO:Ordinal Scale.

    The main Dublin component takes place in the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield between April 5th and April 13th. All the anime screenings take place on Saturday April 8th, when I am half way across the country at Kaizokucon in Cork :(.
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  10. Peachy

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  11. crashmatt

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    I'm kinda hoping it may be split cour? Either way 12 episodes seems short given the wait for season 2
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  12. Peachy

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    Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-hen OAD PV :D

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    Seven Seas on Twitter
  16. kuuderes_shadow

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  17. Buzz201

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    In a complete non-surprise, Mr. Osomatsu gets a second season. Both director and series composer return, but no date has been given.

    Just in time for my Australian DVD of Season 1 to arrive, so I can continue to wonder what @Rui saw that I didn't.
  18. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    I look forward to reading your impressions all over again!

    *goes back to tending the Ichimatsu shrine*

  19. Buzz201

    Buzz201 Cardcaptor

    I'm mostly curious to see if there's anything on home video they couldn't get away with on television. (Though given the recent horseriding special, I seriously doubt it. :p)
  20. kuuderes_shadow

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