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    If the Netflix Death Note was an actual short series rather than a movie it might have had a chance, but as a movie it really doesn't have much hope of being a good version.
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    Yeah, I'd be shocked if the Netflix Death Note is worth watching...
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    A civilian character drama? In my UC? Could it be that Sunrise has remembered that 0080 exists and can be used as an inspiration?
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    Interesting! Always nice to see more UC Gundam... though I still wish they'd give Crossbone Gundam an adaptation, but I'll try and keep a lid on that can of worms. :)
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    Gundam Twilight Axis PV
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    On Monday Digital Manga Publishing are trying to crowdfund Osamu Tezuka's "Wonder 3" again, having failed last time to do so. They are also offering seven other titles in the campaign: The Thief Inoue Akikazu; Yakeppachi's Maria; Dust 8; The Euphrates Tree; Say Hello To Bookila; Metamorphose; and Ambassador Magma.

    Ambassador Magma would be the main one of interest to me, especially as it one of the first forerunners of the mecha genre. However, I especially like the Twitter feed for Tezuka in English's description of Yakeppachi's Maria: "Yakeppachi's Maria is about a horny teenager's ectoplasm walking around in a rubber sex doll suit and attending high school... #nuffsaid".
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    Guess I'll place it here.

    PV for The Ancient Magus Bride TV Series

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    Very excited for the Ancient magus Bride it looks beautiful.
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    J-Novel have announced a new series they are translating at Anime Japan, Bluesteel Blasphemer. The first 3 parts of volume 1 are available now.

    J-Novel Club on Twitter
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    Radio Days
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    I come with PV for the new No Game No Life film.

    (it contains footage this time)
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    My hype for NGNL Zero cannot be contained within my mortal frame. Its one of the best single LN volumes i've ever read so this is going to be epic as *%\§

    And heres hoping for an Overlord style season 2 announcement at the end right?
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    Maybe we could convince some people into bringing it to UK cinemas :3
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    That would be a great idea. Id watch it for sure heh. It probably doesnt have tha fanbase of SAO though... (but it should)
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    This is sad to hear. H.O.T.D. was one of the first anime and manga titles I picked up and really enjoyed. I wonder if it's possible to continue the franchise in anime form and give it an ending, like how Familiar of Zero was done. There's 3 volumes & 1 chapter left of material to adapt.
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    It is possible for the series to continue in manga form if Shouji Sato decides to continue it himself, but that does depend on if he wants to continue it.