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I'll tell you, there is something poetic about announcing to your boss, who in the preceding weeks handed you a number of tasks and assignments with very tight deadlines, that you were able to complete all said tasks and assignments within their deadlines. You can't help but be smug about it as you submit your final reports.


Death Scythe
Lawrence, in ways I know how you feel. You become numb with everything moving fast paced around you and you don't want to do anything. I've been tired all the time for years now, always a reminder of my depression but I try not to let it stop me doing things.

I watched Hook last night and Robins last words in the film bought tears to my eyes "to live would be an awfully big adventure". Don't ever feel for one second like you want to stop being apart of this world. I've been to rock bottom so many times but ever since an attempt in my teens, I've never once since wanted to end my life. I'd rather be alive even if I'm not living. I'd take staying in my room, eating supernoodles and watching tv shows and animes over not existing and not being able to do that.

Guys, if you lived closer to me, regardless of any age differences, I would be so lucky and happy to have you as IRL friends. Instead I get you online but you're company. You're people to talk to outside of the 4 I always so in a small way, you're keeping me sane :)

I've never had trouble making friends, I just seem to have been left with the wrong ones. Ones who don't even treat me like they treat the rest. Any that were good have left me, left me for friends in other circles I've introduced them to and replaced me with them. Story of my life. Lost 4 so far because of my being "nice".

Right now I'm trying to focus on changing my figure to stop from thinking about how I have no one besides my Mum, Gran, Brother, BF and pets. I'm doing a Jillian Michaels DVD and remotely watching my food. I'll stay on my RDA or under. I should really try and reduce my intake but atm with feeling so emotionally poop, I'm eating for happiness *looks at the empty Mikado box on my work desk* :p I wish I could physically do the Insanity exercises/moves properly so I could "feel" them but I can't. Stupid weak ankles and my neuroma. The idea of looking good after 60 days, it makes me cry with happiness but sadness that I can't do that. I hope Jillian's DVD does SOMETHING. It's so shallow but I want to look and feel good when I start my new job, I hope it makes people like me as I really really want friends :(#

Yakumo - I feel ya! Time and time again I either meet or exceed deadlines and unrealistic ones too. I feel pride but sadly it makes no change here. Those who can't make deadlines go unpunished with what they haven't done given to me to finish and I get no praise. That's why I'm leaving. Aaaaaah :)


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VoxPhantom said:
Got a wisdom tooth breaking through the gum at the back of my mouth, the pain varies from dull ache to excruciating. :(

I've got a wisdom tooth that's nearly done (bottom right) but oh boy it's going to be a pain when the others appear (I had teeth removed years back which might explain how I'm getting them now, since I know it's a gamble when it comes to wisdom tooths).


VoxPhantom said:
Got a wisdom tooth breaking through the gum at the back of my mouth, the pain varies from dull ache to excruciating. :(
Thus the paradox of the wisdom tooth. Given the standard set by the dentures they come to accompany, they are far less wise than their name would suggest.


Death Scythe
My top two are through, they're pushing my front teeth forward though but I can't see that being rationale for the dentist to pull them out for me since its not cutting my gum or any proper effects. My bottom right has started to come through bit by bit, bugger when it does. My bottom left is yet to even twinge lol.

I hate the change in weather all the time. Last night with the rain and wind, it sounded like autumn/winter! I'm getting headaches and am constantly tired and possibly even with cold. Bleh.


Had to go to the Dentist and Doctors (for my asthma) today for check-ups. Got the all clear from both while the Nurse said I have lost 4lbs since my last check-up (not that I am on a diet or need to lose weight or anything).


Death Scythe

I am annoyed at work. STOP GIVING ME STUFF TO DO AND PEOPLES STUFF TO FIX!!! They're here so get them to do it! You are going to PERISH once I finally f*ck off out of here so best get practice now! Already spotting mass errors in execution of stuff from my Senior but I cba intervening. He shouldn't be doing things as simple as he is wrong now he's been here over a year. I am so so close to pulling a sicky with the conscience in me doesnt want to do that to me sh*t senior as he is terribly bad at fitting all his work in the 8-4 or 9-5 days so with me away we're talking non step 8-6/7 for him probably.

I'm going Byron Burger on Monday. Cannot wait. Thought I'd end with something remotely upbeat :p


Death Scythe
I received a text from "MSFT" before which is Microsoft I think with an Microsoft account security code. Does that mean someone's trying to hack me as I've not requested one? Since I've been sent the code to my phone, does that mean hopefully said person cannot hack me now or does it mean they still might be able to?

This is not my week! :(

My old email addy that I had since I was like 14 got hacked late last year, so I've not even had this new one for very long! :'(


Death Scythe
I hope so Owly! :) I don't want to lose my hotmail account :(

I have to log in later at my Mums to reply back my new employers HR dept with a massive thank you that they've been able to amend the date on my contract so hopefully nothing looks perculiar and it lets me in real easy. Apparently there's a way you can view recent activity on hotmail/outlook too now? Might give that a whirl.

I've been logging in on my damn Blackberry since I have no internet at mine so I'll be gutted if my using this has risked my account.

Does the weird daily changes in temperature make anyone else feel like physically ill/sick? It was cold this morning so I put on a short coat, I was boiling in it in lunch. Changes to temperature like that make me feel proper crap, like right now my head feels how it would if I had a cold for example. Bleh :(
Sleeping over at my Mums tonight, really excited, plus, she'll make me feel better (Mummys girl syndrome :p) :)


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The change of weather is making me feel a bit under the weather. Cold one minute, warm the next.

This week has dragged, thankfully it is Friday tomorrow and a long weekend :)


Death Scythe
I'm glad it's not just me Kite.

Two of my friends are now with cold. I've not been sick all year which is very worrying for me since I attract colds and have one at least 3 times a year. I therefore fear it's going to strike me down hard if I end up getting one. It's always after lunchtime that I get those kinda of headaches that aren't really headaches but are the things that give you the feeling crap sensation you have when you're with cold.

I half don't mind if I get sick just so long as it's after the Bank Hol as since I'm leaving here soon, I would gladly now pull sick days whereas in the past I worked despite being sick.

LONG week. TGIF! Sadly it's proving to be a very LONG day :(


Za Warudo
Last day of my week off and i've realised i've done **** all lol.

Monday I hung out with my nephew and took him to the park and toy shopping. Tuesday I went shopping and watched anime. Wednesday was my dads anniversary so went graveyard and hung out with my family for most of the day. Thursday I took myself for a 7 mile walk around a park just behind my flat and it was beautiful and today I had no food so took myself for a fry up at my local first thing and then did some shopping and just now woke up from a 2 hour nap!

I've wasted my week. Mix in sessions on my exercise bike, weights and a combo of Ranma and ROD and you have my entire week. Might have to try and do something exciting on Bank Holiday Monday like stay in bed all day!

Anyone else find they waste their time off work sometimes?


britguy said:
Anyone else find they waste their time off work sometimes?

*raises hand* yeah i can attest to that. I have a lot of work to do outwith the regular job that i need to get onto, but instead i pass the days off i get away with gaming and not too much else. It's a habit i need to try and get out off, or at least balance better. I blame the stress of my usual job though, it gets ridiculous at times and you just don't want to do anything after that kind of crap.
Heck, we just learnt yesterday that our manager just handed in his notice, got a job elsewhere and leaves in four weeks. He was unhappy there too, so it kind of goes to show how bad the place is.
But yeah, i need to sit down and work more. I just don't always get the right motivation to do so.


Za Warudo
To be honest it doesn't seem like you wasted that time at all Britguy! I thought you were actually being sarcastic or something. We should change your name to Productiveguy.


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vashdaman said:
To be honest it doesn't seem like you wasted that time at all Britguy! I thought you were actually being sarcastic or something. We should change your name to Productiveguy.
Aye (in Happy voice), that didn't sound like a wasted a week at all, Having almost almost 6 months off Uni (Apr 4th- Sep 29th) and only working 2.5 days a week it's been a loooooooooong summer. The days I don't work, either meet some friends and watch a film or stay home watch anime, read comics and browse forums. Can't wait to go back to Uni, just a month left! Hopefully I can now plan ahead next summer and get a proper job for like 5 months and hopefully add some funds to the final year fee's.