The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...


My funimation friend who's dealing with sentai has emailed them and I'll go from there. Rightstuf were the ones who posted the order and he has a mate that works for them. So hopefully it will get sorted.
Must be a bit frustrating for all parties involved. Hope it gets resolved soon.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Today: MVM Sale: Fruits Basket CE
Tenchi Muyo OVA CE

Yesterday: AL sale: Napping Princess CE

Only Fruits Basket I have seen out of these ,all the others are in my new stuff to watch list :).
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Great Teacher
Ordered through Amazon Italy:

- Vision of Escaflowne - Part 1
- Akame ga Kill! - Part 2 (don't have Part 1, but I'll get it in the next Sentai sale, yes 1 year lol)
- Crippled Avengers (Shaw Brothers)


Great Teacher
Simply couldn't say no to this deal:

- Samurai Girls
- Samurai Bride
- Queen's Blade 1-4
- Cat Planet Cuties
- Bayonette Bloody Fate

All blu-ray, £41 shipped to me :D If I don't like them, I can sell them with profit lol


Dandy Guy, in Space
From Secondspin with $5 discount:
Tsubasa chronicles Seasons 1 and 2 (DVD used)

From Amazon US
Angelic Layer (Blu ray)

AL Sale
Nadesico CE
Gurren lagann

All new watches for me,watched the first 3 episodes of Gurren lagann on Netflix,before it was removed.


Mad Scientist
Samurai Flamenco part 2 from the AL sale.
Haven't watched part 1 from the Mystery box from last year yet, but for a fiver it's worth the gamble that I'll like it.


Blood Lad and Samurai Flamenco Part 2 from today’s sale. I already own the Viz Blood Lad set but I can probably get a few quid selling it.


Mad Scientist
Fate/UBW both parts I ain't doing the thing for MVM! They got a chant in their thread!

Blood Lad CE & Gankutsuou 6 girls a - ghostin' wait a min... you took ya eyes off the flippin slime didn't ya!