The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

Girls wIth Guns

Thousand Master
Barnes and Noble Bookstores over here in the US had a one-day 50% off sale yesterday on a lot of their Blu-rays, plus an additional 20% coupon code which stacked very nicely - it was great for some Funimation titles I wanted to get on sale:

Black Butler Book of Atlantic $13.99
Planetarian $19.99
Zestiria S2 $25.99
MMO Junkie $25.99
Kado $25.99

Pretty good prices for fairly recent releases, especially for Funi titles...

Girls wIth Guns

Thousand Master
So I put in a 3-item order from the RightStuf sale, plus I pre-ordered four titles for January and February release.

ReLIFE Final Arc
Like the Clouds Like the Wind
Kino's Journey The Beautiful World

Land of the Lustrous Steelbook
Maquia When The Promised Flower Blooms
The Ancient Magus' Bride Part 1 Limited Edition

I've cancelled and reordered Ancient Magus Bride LE twice now at RS, as their current sale price puts it almost $10 cheaper than my previous reorder for it, which was $7 or $8 less than my original order... o_O


Pre-ordered Mobile Suit Gundam UC Blu-ray DVD Box, Complete Edition (First Press Limited Production Edition) i would have got it from CDJapan but even with paying import it works out cheaper with Amazon Japan. I only went for the basic one as i'm not interested in the model as i don't build them and would have been a waste.

I will be selling my individual 7 disk set of the Unicorn OVA but not sure whether to do it now or when i get this.


I find alot of the time the fact amazon JP sell it for lower than RRP + remove local JP tax makes it better even with shipping/vat vs paying for it on CDJapan
Cdjapan take off the local tax too, I mainly use them because I have it marked as gift and my items have always got through but I didn’t want to chance it with something so expensive. Went with amazon jp because it worked out about 10,000 yen cheaper even with paying import duties.

Birdie Num Num

Completely Average High School Student
Well I didn't buy it today, but it was delivered today.

Bakemonogatari - Blu ray

My Hero Academia - Vol 7 & 8
Laid Back Camp - Vol 1
My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness


Went halves with my parents and ordered some items as my Christmas present from Rightstuf:
Brave 10 Premium Edition Blu Ray
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club LE
Free! Movie Collection LE + GWP
Heaven’s Lost Property Movie Angeloid of Clockwork

The latter title was only $5.14 and is currently OOS but I dare say it’ll all still arrive by the 25th (I hope)


Magical Girl
Snow White with the Red Hair CE from the AL sale. I already have the series on Blu-Ray but since I really enjoyed the series I'll go for this version as well.


“Short but Sweet” bundle from the 12 days sale. Didn’t have Genius Party, the AL Dandy sets, Kino’s Journey or Garden of Words.

I’ll be Selling the duplicates from the set either on eBay or at CeX (Tokyo Marble Chocolate/Place Promised SE/HAL/Tokyo Ghoul OVAs/Gurren Lagann Films.) If anyone wants a cheap bundle for them I might add them to my store in the marketplace for around £30+postage. Have to wait for them to arrive before shipping of course.