The Anime/Manga I Bought Today Was...

Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions - As mentioned elsewhere I decided to watch some of this on CR to help me decide if I wanted it as honestly the whole "transported to a fantasy world" thing was kinda turn off, but having watched 4 episodes I decided I liked it enough to buy it. It's a really beautiful show to look at (I'm not just referring to the copious shots of Yumes **** either....honest.) and I like how the group doesn't feel OP in anyway what so ever (at least for now). So yeah, I'll pick up the BD and finish watching it then.
Ordered Fruits Basket CE from MVM using the code as it’s payday for me tomorrow and I still had plenty of money in my account. I love FB and it’s one of the very few anime where I’ll watch it dubbed.
Pre ordered GATE with the MVM discount code, couldn't miss it at that price.

Also ordered the Steel book of Tales from Earthsea, I don't really rate the film but I'm trying to get all the Ghibili steel bools. Hopefully the Cat Returns will go live next Sunday