So What's Your Avatar Pic?


State Alchemist

Same from me; I just noticed it recently. 😆👍

Are you sure we want to be calling him Kamotoh, though? It sounds a bit too much like "camel toe". 😅
Much like the time @fabio de lunatico pointed out to me the actual camel toe on the back cover of Strawberry Marshmallow Vol. 2, I didn't even notice. You all just have filthy minds, a pure soul like me doesn't see these things.


State Alchemist
What b*llocks!! 🤣
Honestly, from the picture you paint of me Neil, you'd think I was the sort of person who would cheerfully sing along to a Kunt and the Gang playlist while casually browsing e-hentai, probably with a couple of 4chan tabs open for good measure. Who the Hell do you think I am!?


I want to see that llamas face on Kyon's head for @Neil.T next avatar
Your wish is my command! Hopefully this'll help bring a little bit of cheer to you, buddy. 😋

You get to choose my first post-simulwatch avatar, and there are two options.
Kyon llama mask.png
Kyon wearing a llama mask

(There's only so much I could do with that low-res MAL image and the pixel art app on my phone, and this is that!)

Option 2 coming tomorrow. 😉



Okay, dude. As promised, here's your other option for my post-simulwatch avatar. See which one you prefer. 😋

Kyon llama head.png
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya x BEASTARS? Llama-head Kyon


School Idol
*avatar + profile banner update

These Arknights artists are simply a godsend and my collection keeps expanding 🙀


Avatar is Operator "W". I'd describe her as a femme fatale without the seductive element but definitely the deceptive kind. Luring her enemies into all kinds of recklessly planted bombs and traps while laughing at their demise.

"Nothing good ever comes of her laughter. And she's always laughing".

avatar art

publisherYostar, Inc.
game linkArknights
art sourceW!!!


Banner art is Surtr. An bewitching enigma who literally walks over enemy operators with her "Stand". If there is one definite term to define her, it's "meta". Those who play Azur Lane will notice her in-game art is from the same artist (ASK) who also illustrated Jean Bart and Richelieu.

profile banner art
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