So What's Your Avatar Pic?


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Bye Jackie, it's been fun. But now it's Nino time!
vlcsnap-2021-02-24-13h50m57s909 (2).png
I haven't started S2 yet (haven't even finished S1, but it's so good), but I do like the art style. I love all of the 5, but this picture of Nino is so good lol.

I'll probably change to Jackie again, at some point though. After all, he IS best girl...

Nobody had her as avatar pic, right? lol


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@NormanicGrav might have done, but he currently has Itsuki. I had Yotsuba.
I mean... Itsuki is drinking a Starbucks, that is just adorable.


I am screencapping Quintuplets for this season so I have samples on my Twitter and posted some on the AUKN Discord's Screenshot channel.


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I just wanted to congratulate @Dai for that excellent Kamotoh avatar. I can see it now.

"Captain, what's with the new shades?"
"Shinohara, don't believe in yourself."
"Isn't there supposed to be something that comes after that, Captain?"
::silence, door closes::