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Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

Discussion in 'General Anime Chit-Chat' started by Mutsumi, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. qaiz

    qaiz Thousand Master

    Jenga Anime Edition.
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  2. cudwieser

    cudwieser Dandy Guy, in Space

    I'd hate to have to set the actual tower. With over 300 boxes that's 100 levels high. If that falls I'd be building a house out of them :)
  3. Jatz

    Jatz Hunter

    A lot of sweet collections!

    That MVM R.O.D artbox is something you don't see everyday! Very Niceu!

    But I'll be able to lord my high res turd over all the filthy casuals!
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  4. Jatz

    Jatz Hunter

    If they fall, you'll basically be doing this

  5. bakum4tsu

    bakum4tsu Pokémon Master

    Nice collection man. So where's the other part? xD
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  6. Jaysgba

    Jaysgba Hunter

    Resolution isn't the main issue. 25fps releases should not exist.
  7. Blaize

    Blaize School Idol

    Bumping this thread in the hopes someone else might show and tell? It's been awhile.

    I like to see other peoples collections, it's interesting to see someone's taste and it's a good way to get inspiration for shelving, sorting etc. Also a good resource for Spine art on sets.
  8. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    I'd post mine but I don't think it's been too long since I last posted?
  9. Jaysgba

    Jaysgba Hunter

    I'd post mine but it's too pathetic to be worth sharing.
  10. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav Hai Hai Grav desu Moderator

    I may do an update, then again I could wait until after the May haul. But who knows.
  11. crashmatt

    crashmatt Hunter

    I may post an update pic in a few week once some bits n bobs have arrived. It's been 8 months since my last collection post.
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  12. bailey1985

    bailey1985 Adventurer

    Been a while since I last posted mine. I have got some sorting out to do but I will posted it soon.
  13. Raxor

    Raxor Completely Average High School Student

    I'd like to post mine, but it is currently in a place with little light.
  14. HWR

    HWR Student Council President

    I will post mine soonish, once I've received the last of my rightstuf blus
  15. Neil.T

    Neil.T School Idol

    Heh? How come, Jaysgba? I'm sure your collection is several times more expansive than the likes of mine.

  16. PilibO

    PilibO Kiznaiver

    Would anyone be interested in seeing my collection? Been collecting for around a year now
  17. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

  18. HWR

    HWR Student Council President

    I'm always interested in seeing people's collections, it's fun and a great way to potentially discover titles you haven't heard about :)
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  19. PilibO

    PilibO Kiznaiver

  20. PilibO

    PilibO Kiznaiver