Post a photo of your entire anime collection!

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  1. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member

    As the title suggests, this is a thread for posting pics of your anime DVD collections, or other anime items in such quantities that you just have to show them off, and so that others may comment on your collection.

    Here is my collection. ^_^ May it give you an insight into my tastes in anime (and other media too) and a glimpse of what my living room is like when it is tidied for a photo. ^^;

    My whole collection, plus assorted cool stuff that managed to get in shot.

    Shelf #1
    Shelf #2
    Shelf #3
    Shelf #4
  2. sanji no 1

    sanji no 1 Vampire Ninja

    That is one big ass collection. Im actually a lil jelous. I would post a photo on here of my anime, But i dont know how to upload photos on the internet

    *crys in the corner*
  3. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member is good I find. :)

    Also admittedly only half of the DVDs there are actually anime.

    Do you think putting some cases face-forward on the shelves looks good, as I have done with Evangelion, Slayers, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and a few others?
  4. Y-San

    Y-San Shinki

    I thought it did anyway, I must admit I am some-what jealous as well.
  5. BDT87

    BDT87 Student Council President

  6. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    Gah, we have exactly the same Franky.

  7. JohnC

    JohnC Student Council President

    Had to dig most out of temporary storage, but here they are

    I just noticed after uploading that Sky Blue snuck in there, but I'm not entirely sure if it counts, being Korean rather than Japanese. Also, Robotech.
  8. otaku010884

    otaku010884 Student Council President

    I am so envious of you! I wish I had space to store that much anime but my wife and I live in my bedroom at my parents house and simply don't have the room for it all. (Hence why I'm always trying to sell stuff so I can watch/read other things.)

    Some truly fantastic collections!

    I'm playing the lottery tomorrow. I hope I win. Then I'll buy a house, and have built in shelving so I can have DVDs displayed and space for more.. winning the lottery would also mean I can work part time meaning more time to actually watch what I have! Keep your fingers crossed for me! ^_~
  9. mangaman74

    mangaman74 Akatsuki

    There is a thread on page 6 called 'How do you Otaku-lise your room?'. Should this be merged with it as it covers the same thing.

    I'm not posting any pics of my collection (who wants to see a room full of cardboard boxes anyway?)

    If I every win the lottery I am getting my own house and sorting all my anime out.
  10. Durial666

    Durial666 Straw Hat Pirate

    Here is my meager collection.

  11. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    I shall contribute.

    The shelf of high:

    The shelf of low:

    The wall o' items, obtained for a holistic pittance:
  12. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro State Alchemist

    Great first photo, Mutsumi, was wondering how you were going to get it all into one picture. I need to do some serious reorganizing to get all my stuff into one place.
  13. Sparrowsabre7

    Sparrowsabre7 Za Warudo


    I'm missing complete Trigun (recently sold my old set for the new brick coming out) and Ouran vol 1 + 2 (being borrowed).

    Tokyo Godfathers and Memories soon to be added
  14. Aya-Kun

    Aya-Kun Hunter

    great photos everyone, i love the layout of your unit mutsumi wonderfull

    ill have to tidy mine up and take some pictures
  15. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member

    Why thankyou, ilmaestro. :) I was able to get it all into one picture only thanks to the fact I have a fisheye lens for my camera.

    Aya-kun: Thankyou, I only just rearranged my boxsets and made that shelf-bridge between shelves 2 and 3 that day.

    Also, it should be noted that having photographic evidence of a DVD collection like this uploaded to the internet would be invaluable in the event of needing to claim against an insurance policy, were they to be stolen, lost in a fire, or any other such misfortune. ^^;
  16. Aya-Kun

    Aya-Kun Hunter

    ive tided up my collection and her is the result

    Mines all on one bookcase -shelves were added- it double layered. Top shelf has nothing behind it

    Back layer

    front layer
  17. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member


    Marry me. While it may be a little less spaciously stored, your anime collection is slightly larger than my own, and additionally is complemented by a nice display of statuettes on the higher shelves. Your collection is grand indeed, ^_^
  18. Aya-Kun

    Aya-Kun Hunter

    Hehe thankies, ya its quite a bit all in one smallish space ive filled up 2 books cases before this is my 3rd -and last- as i can't fit a bigger one in there =3.

    My room is full of figures shelves every where, there is a shelf above the bookcase and the ones you can see with more figures on -mainly my final fantasy/kingdom hearts ones-
  19. sic vita est

    sic vita est Dandy Guy, in Space

    Mini collection is mini:


    Sadly I can't increase it much more as I only have the one shelf so double-layering it is the only way forwards. That and DVD rental.

    Am looking on in awe at some of these other collections. Anime karma bonus points if you folks have watched everything in them at least twice!
  20. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Guild Member

    Doubt I've even watched half of mine. XD