Personal opinions on distributors excised from the Bargains thread (temporary title)

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    I wish I could contribute some more so. The only product I'm more interested in is that RightStuf have a BD release for Galaxy Angel, though I don't know if it has any garnished reputation here for Anime Limited to even consider picking up since at the moment, I can't even play US BD
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    The most I've seen Akira go for is £22, the cheapest Eva 1.11's reissue has gone is £20 for a weekend, as an exclusive to your webstore. I don't know that any casual or non-anime fan will have seen that offer. So the £25 you mentioned is probably the fairer comparison.

    As I understand it there's different dub options, a new better subtitle track. It's also triple play. I guess it depends on your opinion and whether you value booklets or not, but you could probably argue Manga are giving more content away for their price too.

    Having seen the way some digipacks turn out, I think I'd rather have the whole amaray in a chipboard box thing (if I had to), like you guys/Funimation did with Assassination Classroom or Animatsu did with a few titles It feels a lot more premium to me than a release where the discs are sliding around and one of them goes missing.

    People certainly didn't interpret it as just possibilities. People ran with the 6-episode story, and for everyone but me (I really love Durarara!! and really want those OVAs), had that been the case, you made the right call.

    It doesn't bother me that Kat has seen them, it bothers me that you would claim that AL as an entity didn't officially know they existed, only to review them on your own podcast. Although, there was a bit of a timegap between the two, so maybe things changed then and I'm being unfair.

    If you were investigating whether pushing for them was worth doing. Unfortunately, it seems, it did not come across as intended. For reference, I would appreciate you trying to get them in some form and have never said otherwise. However, given AoA seem moody and restrictive at the moment, I won't be banking on it as a possibility.
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    Nah - I like to know and it was rude of me not to check that part! I even remember after the fact Jeremy telling me about it at the time...doh.

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    It's a real shame only Manga UK manage to screw up how tight artboxes are.
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    My Sidonia has that issue too, I think there's an element of luck involved.

    I don't think you need to criticise every distributor just because you've highlighted flaws other releases have. Making people say "AoT has subtitle issues just like every Kaze release ever and the first version of Durarara!!" instead of just "AoT has subtitling issues" would be weird and time-consuming...
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    Tight artboxes only seem to be a "defect" for some people when they're Manga releases.
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    I don't think literally anyone has said that the tight YLiA boxes are not defective.
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    Absolute codswallop. There were loads of conversations about YLiA on this very forum; I'm a huge AL fan myself and you'll find my name on the list of people who were saying the box was too tight. If you have a problem with Lambadelta's personal opinions please take it to PM or put the other poster on ignore. Following them around just to paranoidly troll every single remark they make isn't productive and I think I speak for the entire community by saying that nobody else wants to read it.

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    I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your use of the word 'codswallop', totally underutilized these days.
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    What was the missing thought on Metropolis?
    I thought it was doing quite well, especially given the recent news about the US releasing it on BD-R, and US importers discovering that the UK release is Region A friendly.
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    The missing thought was actually a load of rubbish when I checked my steelbook in the end, so a case of me not deleting the reference first - hodor xD. It was about DVD / BD more than anything not performance as it's on fire (I bought a copy anyway as am a huge fan of the film).

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    Re YLIA - we're on that one just now with some pretty drastic solutions for folks. The whole reason we've not said anything yet is just because we need to get everything lined up first here as it's a super unusual issue if we're being honest about it the more we delve into it. Sufficed to say not forgotten and it will be addressed in the coming month :).

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    No - it's not just them and I get the sarcasm, although I'm not sure it's merited as we've been called out on that for YLiA pretty consistently there. That said, worth pointing out usually the tightness of artboxes is variable due to how print is done so I don't know of any Manga projects that need a replacement for it systematically - I stand ready to be corrected though!

    Anime Limited do regularly spend time and resources from their own pocket fighting to fix these issues when they do arise (see above for a small YLiA update). So all in there's a level of customer service you don't see elsewhere and we do that regardless of where the customer as often as we can. When something is wrong, we work to fix it wherever we can and it's practical :). Sometimes it takes longer than others sadly due to the nature of production but we get it done.

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    That wasn't a dig at you, or at AL, but the UK fans that will actively avoid all non-AL releases citing the slightest of problems as an excuse, and then seemingly not care about similar issues when an AL release is impacted by them. It's great that AL do get replacement schemes set up to resolve the majority of those issues, but it's also depressing to then see people bemoan other distributors when they recall a product to rectify an issue because fans seem to think that only AL are allowed to find out about an issue with a release after the product has been sent to retailers.

    Al's CEs/UEs are usually nice, and I'd like to think I have an acceptable amount to still qualify as an anime fan, but it's sickening to see the attitude many UK fans seem to have nowadays - buying AL or Universal is acceptable, if you're gonna buy MVM just buy Sentai's barebones release at a higher cost, if you're gonna buy Manga any other release will do even if it lacks English subtitles.
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    I think you have a warped view of what constitutes an anime fan...
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    Yes, warped by the general consensus that only AL releases are worth buying.
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    If you took the literal definition of an anime fan, somebody who enjoys anime. I suspect the general consensus would lead you the way of the cat.

    What you're referring to is the opinion of (a certain group of) obsessives. It seems unfair to put their behaviour to Andrew, it has bugger all to do with him. If you have an issue with people's behaviour, call them out on it, not somebody completely unrelated. I've never seen Andrew be anything courteous, polite and respectful to Manga. So I'm failing to understand what this behaviour pattern has to do with him.
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    I don't think that's necessarily fair to say either - we get the same hate when we delay a title due to a fix as well. What matters there is what you actually tell fans and we're all pretty good at where we can in communicating the issues. The downside of that though is sometimes the issues are just ones you can't really talk about and that seems to have been the case with a bundle of projects from others in the past.

    The issue with product going out to retailers is different and can impact anyone (which it totally has before at Studio Canal UK and Manga UK as well as us), what does make the difference there is it's easy to recall a product pre-sale, it's very hard to do so once sales are underway and managing a replacement scheme then when people paid for it is a point of principle & customer policy than anything.

    I didn't know there was that opinion on MVM's titles or Manga's in any serious way too. We get plenty of people who don't like what we do too - we're all on that same boat and as all of us are humans with real feelings (or I think so last I saw them all) so it does eat at us when we see that. It's a free market and we get that but we all (Manga, MVM, Universal and ourselves) bust our arses off trying to get titles out as soon as we can for folks. We all make mistakes at times and all we can do is ask for folks to forgive us.

    FWIW - Manga are doing super well at sales just now based off the monthly sales charts for anime though so whoever isn't supporting them clearly isn't eating away at their core business and they're good eggs, they'll work hard to win folks back over :). Looking here alone there's clearly a load of people who understand and support them too - occasionally at the detriment of folks like us but still with the best intentions.

    TL;DR - Plenty of people say stuff like what you list for MVM & Manga there too for Anime Ltd at least and whatever the case it sucks somewhat for us as you can guess ;_;. We all do appreciate the folks that are balanced - none of us want to get away when we mess up, but at the same time balance and decency go a long way when interacting with us too - which I definitely appreciate from folks here :).

    Ramble over, I should probably stop being nonsensical and get on to the gym!

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    I don't understand where this idea has come from that the entire UK market is biased towards AL and Manganimatsu are some kind of underdog that only True Fans understand to support.

    In terms of my collection (which is massive), I have almost certainly spent more on Manga releases than I have on AL releases over time. Buying a series of crummy dub-only cut VHS episodes back in the day cost more than special editions now, so even though I am boycotting them now for important and rational reasons that's just logical, and I have a decent number of Manga DVDs too. I do dislike Jerome, but if they were putting out products I wanted and not directly impeding my access to anime I'd still be buying. I don't especially like plenty of people I buy stuff from in general but it doesn't mean I don't want their stuff.

    If other people are boycotting for personal reasons that's entirely their right. Jerome is praised for his coarse approach to PR and if insulting his own buyers annoys some of them, well, that's a risk he chose to take. If it destroys his company (it won't; the majority of his buyers and business partners have no idea he thinks they're idiots and don't read his rants) that's his choice to make. He's a grown up.

    This rampant paranoia and witch hunting lately is predicated on the idea that AL fans are some overwhelming and rabid majority who are oppressing vulnerable Manganimatsu fans somehow simply by not performing their civic duty as UK fans and buying releases they don't want to buy for whatever reason. I get the impression people think that AL fans are sheep while Manganimatsu fans are wise free thinkers. It's nonsense. We are all the same people. Barely any fan only owns releases from one UK distributor because we go with the shows first and foremost.

    You'll probably find more people on a forum where AL take and debate feedback who feel invested in AL releases in general just because that makes sense. Like the Manga UK fans who attack any dissenters on Twitter; it's smart for fans to congregate in places where they can get news about the thing they like most.

    I don't see myself as an AL zombie; I simply like what they are doing (likewise I have nothing bad to say about MVM; they're filling their niche perfectly and I love them to bits). Smudging every random offhand remark from a large number of other people together to form a misguided conspiracy theory about the AL Mafia and our collective hive mind is getting tiresome. It's especially bizarre seeing someone who passively admits to having a bias towards Manga UK (being a writer for them is a direct bias) complaining how everyone else is biased against them. Maybe we aren't. Maybe we are all free thinkers too with our own opinions based on the actual quantifiable merits of each UK distributor, who simply react to the way we're being treated and make decisions for ourselves?

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    This is difficult, because I don't agree that it's every UK fan, but certain members of this forum seem to always assume the absolute best of Anime Limited, even when there's evidence to the contrary, and the absolute worst of Manga, even when it's quite improbable that they really intended to do things badly. People slaughtered Manga for mislisting a cardboard slipbox as a "Rigid Box", we got huge stories about cardboard boxes being the devil incarnate and never showing up to people's houses in less than a million pieces, and how clearly they did it to prey on poor Collector's Edition fans who wouldn't know any better and didn't deserve to be treated like this. Yet Anime Limited choose to remove a few bonus features from their release and don't remove them from their bonus feature listing. Clearly this was just a mistake and the poor innocent lambs at Anime Limited would never intend to mislead anyone, let's all shed a tear on their behalf for this unfortunate mistake. Obviously neither of these was a deliberate attempt to mislead anyone, but the sheer gulf in reactions between the two is ridiculous.

    I know for a fact staff members of this forum have publicly complained about me asking what I felt were legitimate questions of AL's strategy and promotional efforts. And whenever you do question Anime Limited, people will immediately leap to their defence and start making it abundantly clear how catastrophically wrong you are (even when you aren't) before you can even finish your sentence. Yet questioning Manga's strategy is apparently fine. People just seem to have lost their critical faculties when it comes to Anime Limited, they can literally do no wrong in some people's eyes. Whereas Manga are immediately assumed to be actively trying to screw everyone over, and to be deliberately releasing the worst possible product they can just to spite people, but then it's hard to say Manga haven't brought that upon themselves with some of their past decisions and statements from staff members.

    I kind of feel people maybe need to work on having a healthy scepticism towards distributors. Perhaps increasing their scepticism towards some distributors and moderating it towards others. Just as others have perhaps been overly defensive of Anime Limited, I have perhaps been overly questioning.
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