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Finally got hold of my Berserk and Champloo steelbooks. What can one say other than hats of to MVM. I second the poster above me, this is how steelbooks should be done!
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See some interesting titles I've been checking out for a while. However, since AL killed my wallet with their recent early birds, I will have to lay low until next week when I get some more cash to spend on anime :)
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I was trying to log in to my account on anime-on-line and it says my password is invalid, when I go to reset the password it tells me the password reset link has expired. I've tried like half a dozen times now using both Chrome and Edge :(

I'd quite like to buy Noragami :)


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Afro Samurai!!! Also how does the Steins Gate anime hold up?

Honestly the VN was terribly dull (sacriledge I know) so I'm thinking I might prefer it as an anime.


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Think I'll get Devil is a part timer. Already have the other stuff or not interested.
Just a heads up as Devil Part Timer's subs are a mess with dialogue, songs and signs appearing one at a time. They also have bad chapter points so skipping the OP will land you in the middle of a conversation.