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My wishlist for AL:

Natsumes Book of Friends

Wouldn't mind a nice edition of Denno Coil either

edit - oh and a license rescue for xxxHolic and the second season and OVAs to get an english friendly release!


so many good suggestions for rescues here.

personally I would like to add in mushshi (all seasons of it) and rurouni kenshin to list of rescues/pick ups. What I would give to have a high quality blu-ray of these


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I gave up on predicting what anime distributors will decide to do a long time ago, nothing but heartache. No point regurgitating the same thing before every convention, although I'd love to see them deliver, I have little faith, but luckily I can just import that **** from Japan so I guess that helps.


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Will we finally get all of Mushi-Shi & Shirobako?! :eek:

edit - oh and a license rescue for xxxHolic and the second season and OVAs to get an english friendly release!

Big time! Such a bummer the second season never had a western release :( I've been silently hoping that American company who license older title's nab it, as I don't see any other US company potentially doing so.

Edit: I'd rather Angel's Egg went under Eureka Entertainment, in their Masters of Cinema line-up. Not that I'd say no to an Anime Limited version.


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My dream pick ups for AL would be an ultimate edition of Spice &Wolf (take my money) and a CE of Last Exile. As far as I'm aware this has never have an English language blu ray those the French got a very nice box set.

I'd be surprised if they got Konosuba as it's kind of an MVM/Manga type show and I'm not convinced that needs a CE.

I'd like Manga to announce GITS SAC not blu ray. MVM will pick up a few random shows hopefully one may be Witch craft works.

Other pickups I hope for are Relife, Chaika S2, Iron Fortress (probably AL) A silent voice is inevitable. Alderaman in the sky would be a welcome pick up. Hope for a few surprises too.


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It appears no one updated this thread, fair enough.

Anime Limited | New Announcement


Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Coming to Blu-ray and DVD in 2017


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Day #0 Round Up

Anime Limited
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
    Blu-ray & DVD - ETA 2017
Manga Entertainment
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimension
    Theatrical Screenings - ETA February 2017
  • Akiba's Beat
    PS4 & Vita Retail & Digital - ETA Q1 2017


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Anime Limited | New Announcement #2


Mob Psycho 100

Part of the Crunchyroll deal.

Anime Limited | New Announcement #3


Assassination Classroom [Season 2]

Part of the Funimation deal.

Anime Limited | New Announcement #4


Kiss Him Not Me

For Anime Limited's catalogue.
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Very nice, now I don't have to worry about it possibly meeting the same fate as Mushishi: Next Passage (Still wish Aniplex USA would have done something, at least Madman put it out in DVD in Australia).