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Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
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Spoilers ahoy in the video. As you may know already, the writers are pretty dense when it comes to the final conclusion of Game of Thrones. And I am loving these videos ripping into the stupidity of the episodes.

Ha! So true about the last few episodes. Also not pointing out the scorpions from the iron fleet, behind rocks, cannot aim up hitting the same dragon from 3 different angles when the entire fleet is in the same place


State Alchemist
I read one news article about GoT on my newsfeed, so naturally it decided I wanted to read nothing but GoT articles for the next week, including this absolute gem of a headline which sums up everything I hate about today’s cultural media reporting. But you have to laugh.FA416734-AE35-4E88-A918-E9DFD334927B.png
as I imagine anyone whose wanted to watch the GoT finale has seen it now, I thought I'd drop something here...
and don't you tell me it won't happen! let a man dream...
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