If you need to watch something funny..


Dragon Knight
This is a fun riff on how Monogatari does things

"the tasteful thickness of it"... ngl that's a remarkably phallic way to describe a business card 🤣 (I do most of my art on really thick paper, basically card, cuz that way the colours don't bleed through... make of that what you will :p ). I don't care about business cards but enjoyed the grain on Timothy Bryce's one as I am a lover of paper and card in general. Not worth murdering someone over tho but that's just me :)

Girls with Guns

Mad Scientist
Ok, Just stumbled on this one while watching other things... So this is long but also good for a lot of good laughs, this guy does some great humor... especially the part starting at 21:16 where he prepares to go to the range (even getting dressed in cosplay during the sponsor clip) and actually shoots it. 🤪

Made an Anime Weapon then took it to a Shooting Range - Ganyu's weapon from Genshin Impact