If you need to watch something funny..

This is a fun riff on how Monogatari does things

"the tasteful thickness of it"... ngl that's a remarkably phallic way to describe a business card 🤣 (I do most of my art on really thick paper, basically card, cuz that way the colours don't bleed through... make of that what you will :p ). I don't care about business cards but enjoyed the grain on Timothy Bryce's one as I am a lover of paper and card in general. Not worth murdering someone over tho but that's just me :)
Without a single doubt my favourite video on the entire internet to the point that at one point in my life I had memorized and could sing the entire melody off rip. Insanely creative and well-made with some of the best VFX work I've seen in a video. And all in celebration of a single meme used in YTPMV/MAD videos. (Also the best way to watch this video is with Japanese subtitles enabled. Adds a whole other level of "why is so much effort put into this?")

And as a bonus, this is made by a lot of the same team and basically rivals the other video in terms of quality. You could argue either to be better, but Octagon simply has more history to me, having seen it first.
This guy is hilarious. He's a Japanese dude who speaks very good English and does various skits about the differences between the West and Japan, Anime and Reality, and his various experiences including quite a lot with Japanese classmates, colleagues and students (he has taught English) making funny Engrish mistakes.