If you need to watch something funny..


State Alchemist
I felt like watching some Mazinger Z then realised I'd lost my wonderful HK bootleg rips (the only way to watch it subbed at the time) in the dead HDD.

Oh well, I'll always have the memories.



Mad Scientist
So, on my route home from work, there's this tunnel with a selection of gig posters. The one for Jimmy Carr has been defaced.

Here it is:

You've got to admire the artistry in that, surely? :D
Haa, no way! Again?

Yeah, I totally agree with you there: that's partly why I found the graffiti so amusing! :D

I will concede there was one Jimmy Carr joke that made me laugh, though:

"You'll never guess who I bumped into at Specsavers today. Everyone."
Okay I admit, I chuckled at that (I'm not gonna diminish my pride and say I laughed out loud or anything...). But, the graffiti is so much more amusing than any joke he could ever deliver!
The graffiti's definitely improved his eyes for one thing! What's with his eyes? They're expressionless or something.

And that laugh of his... It just sounds... so uncomfortable.
I nearly spat out my tropical juice drink - you mentioning his expressionless eyes, and then I glance at your avatar! Then again, at least "deadpan" is an "expression" :p

True about his laugh though. I can't explain, but watching him makes me feel uncomfortable. His humour is certainly not to my tastes!

I'm just going to chuckle to myself at the joke that YOU said...even though it belings to Carr. It's like a second cousin twice removed from Carr, so I don't feel as bad laughing at it! :D