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If you need to watch something funny..

you are both wrong, but @ayase is closer to the truth - these videos are nothing more than clapped out comedy and conspiracy theory, the real truth is that the internet is a series of underground pipes with cats taking images back and fourth, of course no human is in control of these cats, but they are instead reverse engineered biologically by their real masters, deep underground - the sexy cat people!
they are like people, but soft, cuddly, and somehow sexy.

they were driven underground when rough, gritty man first appeared, mankind was too rough with the cat people and made too much of a fuss of them, eventually, us, the humans, dominated the surface alone. they have been developing the internet for nearly 30 years, eventually inventing the wifi network - it's true name being the Waifu network, for when mankind can download their waifus, they will want for nothing, become soft, and stop developing weapons of war, giving the sexy cat people the opportunity to rise up and take the surface!

or... we could face a situation like this: