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Magical Girl
So with France back in ludicrous level lockdown and being on a bit of a Lynch binge recently, I decided to take my fourth trip to Twin Peaks and do S1-3 back to back for the first time. I can't believe I never registered this before:

Not saying Lynch is Kubrick and everything has to mean something, but names surely have power in the world of Twin Peaks and of all the names they could have chosen for an otherwise insignificant character, in one of her first scenes Audrey is seen (quite forcefully) mocking Julie for being subservient to "Bob" and subsequently ruins her work using... a cup of black coffee, investigative fuel of the righteous. Total coincidence, or intentional painting of Audrey as someone who "Bob" has no hold over?
Funnily enough, I just done the same thing and watched all of Twin Peaks in one go. So much of The Return made more sense by having Fire Walk With Me fresh in my mind.

This was only the second time I've watched The Return, and I enjoyed it a lot more this time, probably because I knew how long I'd have to wait to see the real Cooper back in action. Also, Twin Peaks in general just works better when watched over a shorter timeframe, since having a week between episodes can just exacerbate the more frustrating ones.

The end of The Return still struck me as abrupt and a downer, or at least it did until I read this long, mostly convincing, and completely mind-melting theory that the final two episodes form a symbiotic time loop, and are meant to be viewed simultaneously, with episode 17 being the true (and more positive) ending. If it were any director besides Lynch, I'd say this was ridiculous, but this kind of madness is his bread and butter, which is especially evident when considering the similarities between those final episodes and Lost Highway.