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Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by Jaymii, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Everybody knows Putin's a bird person, secretly plotting the subjugation of mankind
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    I decided to finally start my long overdue catch-up with US House of Cards from the start of season 3, which funnily enough introduces a Putin allegory to become Frank's new nemesis now that he's finally connived, blackmailed and murdered his way into the Oval Office. Sadly the show seems to be going very stale very fast. And that's disappointing to see, because I loved the first two seasons - They were tense, they were thrilling despite my already being familiar with the original UK version. Spacey's Underwood was the ultimate magnificent bastard and seeing him plot and scheme with Claire and with Stamper and wonder how he'd get around x obstacle was most of the fun. Now that he's actually President it seems to have degenerated into a dull politics procedural.

    UK HoC got around this by having Urquhart becoming a borderline fascist who ratcheted up Thatcherism to its logical social Darwinist conclusion once he got into power, then dealing with the civil unrest and challenges to his leadership that came with that. US HoC has Underwood being... a sly President but one who actually wants to do positive things like job creation and peace in the Middle East? Even if it is self-serving, it's frigging boring. So the story is now following the twists and turns of trying to get the senate to agree to his jobs proposal and the UN to pass a resolution - Yawn. Bring back the Frank who threw people under trains. In the aftermath of Trump's victory it all seems quite mundane. Having Frank transition into a populist demagogue so he no longer needs the approval or support of politicians and the bureaucrats he had to navigate around to get to the White House would not only have been a natural evolution of his character but also more topical. But then I guess they couldn't have predicted the way things would go back in 2015.

    The product placement in HoC continues not to bother me because it's so obvious and hilarious it reminds me of this:
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    Episode 10 of Twin Peaks: The Return continuing the fine tradition of Kyle MacLachlan finding himself in the most ridiculous sex scenes imagineable.

    I had to stop watching, I was laughing so much.
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    Just finished first season of The Deuce. A precinct drama about the titular, vice-riddled area of central New York in the early 1970s, it's pretty full on in its depiction of monetised sleaze, but if you aren't put off by the subject matter, it's a very entertaining series with a top notch cast.