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The highly demanded thread has arrived. This will probably eliminate all other TV-related threads, so it can be used for several things:

- What you last watched...
- What you are currently watching...
- What you are thinking of watching...
- TV news...

I can probably update with the general network/cable scope of television programs, the buzz, critical feedback, etc if people are interested in an overall but it'll likely turn into me being self-indulgent to no-ones interest.
Watched the first episode of the new series of Primeval earlier.

Currently watching Pen & Teller: Fool Us - Currently they have been fooled twice.
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mangaman74 said:
Watched the first episode of the new series of Primeval earlier.

Currently watching Pen & Teller: Fool Us - Currently they have been fooled twice.
I watched that as well, i also have been watching Famous & Fearless this past week which is quite good, except the fact i don't think half the people on the show were actually famous, seriously, who the hell is Sam Branson (apart from the fact he's Richard Branson's son)?
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I liked Fool Us, even though the second guy getting through was somewhat awkward. They are just fun characters to watch. That topped off an evening that also featured Derren Brown's Enigma show which I groaned through a lot at the beginning but overall enjoyed. Even if I had to suspend my belief a lot. Stephen Merchant being on his behind-the-scenes show on Saturday/tomorrow/today makes it a definite watch.

Famous and Fearless I caught some off too and was bored as hell. I watched for about 40 minutes and 35 of that was build-up and catch-ups. It wouldn't have been so bad if the actual events were enjoyable to watch, but they weren't.


Start back up, midseason TV!

The Cape has an opening, btw. It's pretty slick.
Watched a couple of things using Virgin Media's on demand service this morning,

The second episode of the new series of Primeval
Wednesday's episode of Great British Railway Journeys with Michael Portillo.
I'm quite interested in Freaks and Geeks. The scene where the guy was playing D&D with those geeks amused me. You mentioned Community to me, Jayme, but I still haven't got round to it. I swear I will watch it one day.
Freaks and Geeks is brilliant. Just fyi, it's often labelled as a comedy-drama, and you might see it that way, but its much more of a drama in my eyes (with comedic elements, obv). Comedy-drama/dramedy makes me think of flumpf like Ugly Betty and its grittier than that. It's not particularly heavy stuff, but there are moments of darkness dotted around. It being set in the '80s, too, makes for some cool throwbacks. Uh, yeah, well worth watching overall - interesting characters, cast and writing. The cast especially, woah. Love 'em all. <3

Considering its cancellation, its ending is pretty great. It's successor was the much more light-hearted Undeclared, btw. Brings back some of the same cast and writers.
Episodes premieres tonight on BBC2/HD at 10/10:30PM.

It's a BBC/Showtime co-production about a British couple (Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig) trying to navigate their way through Hollywood after selling their critically acclaimed British show to the states. Matt LeBlanc stars as... Matt LeBlanc. Created by David Crane (Friends) and Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You).

Critical reviews are quite divisive, with some loving its comedy styling and behind-the-scenes look at television production and the suits. Others loathing parts the 7-parter saying that it has potential for a good second season but this first one is bogged down with mean-spirited and almost-cartoon-like network heads and the real show lies in the comedy and drama among the central couple. Everyone agreed that it improved over the course of the series and is a better-formed show by the end. It's also unanimous that LeBlanc is the star of the show and rocks every scene he is in. His appearance in the pilot is shoe-horned in from a later episode.

I am absolutely watching.

Tis a bit of clever scheduling that this was the lead-in to the US (well-received) adaptation of Shameless last night, wherein the actual creator of the original has a say in what's going on. FTR, Shameless is great if you haven't seen the original; if you have, around the third episode new storylines start to kick in and it improves.

(BTW: Glee S2 launches on E4 tonight, but I guess you all knew that - decent opener!)


The Cape premiered last night: it didn't do terribly, but I was expecting a huge drop-off from the first to second episode and it was incredibly consistent. I'm quite proud that the show done so well honestly. I was expecting a 2.2 start and it falling to a 1.7 18-49 or something, but NBC must have really sold it. Be interesting to see if them numbers stick. Esp on a monday - its regular night. Am doubtful.

Expect me to make a renewal post on Friday or something. All the broadcast nets are doing the TCA this week.
What you last watched...Girl With The Pearl Earring
What you are currently watching...Nothing (mum dominates)
What you are thinking of watching...More V if permitted
TV what news?
Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes was hilarious. I love the man and his work, but the majority of the time I find it his stand-up uninspired and simply cringey. I don't remember liking him hosting it last year all that much. It's odd when he goes full-on cringe, but it worked well here. Anyway, the actual awards are as pointless as the HFPA but it was nice for Katey Sagel to get some recognition for her brilliant work on Sons of Anarchy.

US Skins and US Being Human starts tonight, btw. For even more adaptations. According to people, Being Human is better than it should be.
It's all very old and tired material to be honest. I think a lot of places are reporting that places are reporting that people are annoyed, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Couple of celebs interviewed after didn't take offence and I've seen RDJ being quoted out of context from his presentation. If he was serious, he's one to talk considering his normal persona. A;sp, if you're inviting Ricky Gervais to an event where alcohol is allowed, they got what they asked for. He said he was going to go further than last year.

I've heard a couple of people have a moan for him saying "And finally, I'd like to thank God for making me an atheist". But, what's that? Twitter is pretty positive on him.
Justin Lee Collins: Turning Japanese
Season 1 Episode 1 of 3
New series. Justin Lee Collins heads east to learn more about Japanese culture, beginning with an exploration of love and relationships. In Tokyo, he visits a store specialising in women's underwear adapted for male proportions, demonstrates his pulling technique in a dating class, investigates the world of `love dolls', and gets a sleek new look to spend the evening as an escort
Channel Five, 9PM, Thur 27th

Look's good I'll probably watch it
I'm half tempted to watch it, and half worried I will come out of it wanting to hit things. I'll record it and then you can tell me if it's done "seriously" or not. :p
Third season is awfully messy of that show. Though I've never been a huge fan. The Vampire Diaries is much stronger.
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Jayme said:
Third season is awfully messy of that show. Though I've never been a huge fan. The Vampire Diaries is much stronger.

Second season just didn't hold my interest so when the third season came on I skipped it.

Have to say I'm not finding Episodes on BBC Two that interesting either.

On another note Charlie Brooker is on tonight on BBC Two with How TV Ruined Your Life. I'm looking forward to that.
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Agreed, I'm too finding Episodes something of a struggle. I like the American guys, but the lack of a real show to care about and the pathetic woman makes it hard. Having not watched the original Being Human, I found the pilot of the US one to be rather enjoyable. Again, messy plotting but interesting character dynamics already in place. Fringe is the only sci-fi show on air that's capable of doing everything right.

Re: True Blood. I found the first season a mostly boring, season two was horrible because of the Maryann and Tara subplot and the third was just plain messy. The characters are back, which is okay since they are relatively strong (mainly Jessica) but its still stupid as hell. Alan Ball can do so much better.