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    Let's not kid ourselves though, the end is coming.
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    Speaking of the end, Phineas and Ferb, after several years of being the reason why cartoons are good now, will finally end on June 12th with the aptly titled episode "Last Day of Summer" followed by a standalone episode in the Autumn based on Perry's organization, OWCA (Organisation Without a Cool Acronym). On the bright side, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, alongside other P+F alumni, will be working on a new show in 2017 called "Mikey Murphy's Law" which obviously has nothing to do with a certain unintended consequence
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    Wow, I didn't even know they still made Phineas and Ferb. I remember watching that when I was like 12 or 13.
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    What makes you think that, remember Channel 4 also show The Simpsons over here (early episodes I know but still) so it's not like Sky has a complete grip on the show and plus in regards to Simpsons World I think people said the same thing about WWE Network not coming to the UK because of Sky but it did eventually did
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    WWE is one thing. Simpsons is quite the other.
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  8. ayase

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    BACKIN THE '90s

    Is anybody not watching Bojack? Because there's really no good reason not to be (unrelated comment, Netflix are making plenty of money). I thought everybody able to write comedy/drama this well was either dead or had given up. It's one of those shows that (perhaps ironically given its subject matter) actually gives me some glimmer of hope for the future of entertainment.
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    Teen Titans Go needs to get in the Sea and it's fans need to get a life.

    And that's speaking from someone who wants to see the 2003 Teen Titans being marched around town with it's trousers down like Nelson at the end of 22 Short Stories about Springfield.
  10. Invisible Crane

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    Not a fan of either show (original and TTG) then?
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    The original is fine but given it's a show made in 2003 that was melodramatic to the n'th degree and was riding on the vapour trails of a dying anime boom it should have been ripe for ripping the piss out of it and instead TTG is a show that, if you swapped the scripts out for the inoffensive CanCon junk that airs on CBBC when it's target audience is supposed to be at school no one would notice.

    The fact that the guys behind it are belligerent arseholes of the highest degree would make you think they'd bring their a-game in terms of insulting the detractors but no, the two episodes expressively for that, "Let's Get Serious" and "Return of Slade", are as borin' as the rest of it.
  12. Professor Irony

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    Spotted this in the twitter feed this morning; a collection of demo reels for unrealised animated film projects based on the work of Moebius. It's pretty grainy, but it's gorgeous stuff.

    So French you can practically taste it.
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    Watch Rick & Morty, best new US animation I've seen in years.
  14. Otaku-san

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    To be fair it brought a much notable comic book series back in the 80's to a broader audience. I doubt many knew it was a comic book that would have rivalled X-men, though I will concur that even at the time some scripted episodes where absolutely pants. God knows looking back how I could stand looking at such stifling animation, might has well have been Filmation doing the inbetweens.

    The only redeeming thing about TTG is (aside from actors) the spontaneous hatred of the fans for making a spinoff, which is just as hilarious as how they complained in the day of "WHY NO Bruce Timm Artwork!"

    Well Spring of this year saw a release of a direct to video of Justice League vs Teen Titen. Maybe fans will draw there definition there whether that's better, though I highly doubt it.

    Anyhow...nobody watching "Star vs" at the moment?
  15. Invisible Crane

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    Star Vs The Forces Of Evil!?!, I love that show!. Funny thing about that show is that there is an episode from it's first season that pretty much mocks the whole Disney princess formula (St Olgas School For Wayward Princesses), and it's a Disney cartoon!
  16. ayase

    ayase Mushi-shi

    I thought we had a thread for this, but perhaps it was caught up in the great purge.

    So new DuckTales has a trailer and is now confirmed to include official all-time greatest game sidekick Launchpad McQuack:

    This has me pretty damn optimistic. Apart from the kids not really sounding much like kids everything else looks promising, from the comics referencing to more (and more badass) Donald, David Tennant's Scrooge and keeping a variation of the original theme tune. This screams it was made by people who know and love the Disney Ducks franchise.
  17. Professor Irony

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    Can't shake the feeling that David Tennant sounds a little too young to be Scrooge, but it's a minor complaint. Really looking forward to this.

    Also bring back Darkwing Duck kthnx.
  18. Smeelia

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    Maybe it's just my imagination, but the theme tune sounds ever so slightly less enthusiastic than the old one. I suppose it's been a while since I actually watched any DuckTales and I'm probably just overthinking it.
  19. ayase

    ayase Mushi-shi really good, by the way.

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    I saw it and yeah, Disney has nothing to worry about between Cartoon Network transforming into the TTG channel and this airing.