I get that they need to make money off the game somewhere.
That's my thinking with these and if they're free/minimally-priced to download then I'm happy to spend on the gacha only limited amounts but up to a maximum currency/hour, if you will, akin to what I would have spent on standard games. That's one reason I couldn't play Nier reincarnation as it really did seem to shove the paid elements down one's throat.
After one of my friends persuaded me to give it a shot, I’ve spent the last four weeks or so playing Arknights.

Having never really done gatcha games before, bar a little bit of time on Genshin, it’s certainly been an interesting experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the writing in particular. The main story is perfectly fine, but I’ve enjoyed how esoteric some of the side stories can be - the variety of little adventures you can go on is impressive.

Would also say that, in forty odd hours of play, I’ve spent exactly £2 on the game and have not felt the least bit hectored to spend more. It does look like spending money on gatcha pulls would get you more powerful characters quicker and make the game easier, but it‘s only now that I’m starting to feel the pinch with the characters I have. It would have been nice to complete some of the timed events without having to stop due to lack of damage output on my part, but it’s only been a minor irritation so far and I get that they need to make money off the game somewhere.

I've played Arknights on and off for a few years and this is my take on the gacha.

It's extremely generous most of the time. Currency seems steep but almost all units aren't limited from memory, they end up in the pool but it naturally means it is harder to get them amongst everything in there. The trick it tries to get you on is when there is that one banner unit you want and you keep getting random other 6 star units or the second banner unit, and there have only been probably 3 or 4 units I cared enough to spend a bit to get (and even then we're talking the cheaper packs as without a proper pity there on normal banners for the specific one you want it I wasn't going to throw loads at it).
So what I think you will find is that given a little bit of time you'll start getting 6 stars at a decent rate, even if they aren't always the one you immediately want.

There are some truly limited banners. They aren't often but when they happen then there is a pity system in their shop based on how many rolls you've done. Obviously isn't cheap so either save rolls to account for that or don't bother, but even then I've found it still has decent rates to get these characters.
Limited characters do tend to be some alternative forms (a bit overpowered in some cases) or dragon units who only appear in these banners. So if you like any like Nian then you won't find them normally.

As for 5 stars, and even lower stars, don't sleep on these units. There are some really good 5 star units.

As a final note, try to keep some of your premium currency for skins. It saves using them for rolls and some skins are really good in this game, particularly the live 2d ones.
my gacha of choice is cookie run oven break. Been like eight years since I first downloaded it and I’ve tried to play nearly every day for the past year. never spend money on it tho
Looking at the playthroughs people have posted for the new Design of Strife event in Arknights, I think this will be the first event I can’t make any impression on - even my best characters are nowhere near the level other people are using. I’m not unduly put out about this, the event seems more geared towards providing challenge levels for the experienced players than telling a story, but I was surprised nonetheless. For all the previous ones I’ve tried, I’ve at least been able to tackle a level or two before having to throw in the towel.
In all events in general, there is a wall you can't breach without a levelled team. Challenge events in particular are fairly impossible without one (as are challenge event stages in regular events). Usually most star stuff at least lets you get so far into it to see all the story content, but it still expects a team of maxed out elite 1 units or early elite 2 units.
Yeah, that’s more or less what I’ve been finding. I got within one stage of completing the story for the previous event, which was a little annoying when I couldn’t get the conclusion, but I got the event character and three of her potential upgrades, so I can’t complain too much.
I think they must want to make a compromise too on the challenges even for normal missions. They can't be too hard as these aren't the challenge ones but they at least need to provide a challenge the further you get.