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Denny Fisher

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Hey everyone.

So I got a customs charge for my latest SecondSpin order. This is I think only the second time this has ever happened. The first was when I ordered a bunch and they sent it via UPS instead (by a bunch I mean something like 10-15 DVDs). But this time I only ordered 4 Blu Rays and 2 DVDs (though more like 3 since one was a boxset). So 7 things I guess. Admittedly I haven't ordered this much in one go for a long long time, Years at this point. But still paying the charge and getting the box this morning I was really surprised by how small it was. I mean again it was years ago but I used to get boxes of this size all the time so I'm kinda frustrated about getting this customs charge, it made the savings within almost pointless unfortunately.

Anyway anyone else had customs charges with SecondSpin on orders of more than a couple of items recently? Wonder with Brexit coming up if they've changed some things? Still sent from Shepardsville KY but this time from 'Alliance Entertainment' which I'm not sure if that's new or not? I bought a single DVD a few weeks ago which came through fine (though that was probably under the threshold anyway).

Man I miss the days (the insane days) where I could order literally a hundred DVDs or so and not pay more than 3.99 shipping and zero customs charges lol. And given Secondspin archive all your orders I can still look at those and laugh at the lunacy of it from time to time.
June was the last time I ordered with no issue.


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Since they added the mandatory 20% "tax" for UK orders on WOWHD and Deep discount it's possible they're no longer sneaking stuff through anymore. Last order was a couple of months back and there was no issue then