Anime retailers No Import Fees List


Straw Hat Pirate
I recently tried for importing stuff from Sentai.
Depending on the destination and weight, the fees are quite reasonable:
e.g. 4 lbs to the UK for $26.99 (+ optional $2.99 insurance for each $100 value)
When selecting "Budget Economy", import VAT is directly taken from your PayPal or Credit Card, so no RoyalMail ransom or else.

However, the free plan does not allow parcel consolidation - which is risky if Sentai (or any other retailer) splits your order. Also most is processed automatically (you should add an items list for VAT calculation etc), with no way to stop.
Whilest it took 2 weeks with USPS from Sentai to the MyUS warehouse in Florida, it took another 2 weeks to me.

Personal thoughts:
I underestimated the weight of the parcel, resulting in higher fees than expected. Also I didn't notice that Sentai split the delivery into 2 parts, thus ending up paying VAT for one (small) item twice (as I included already in the list submitted for the first package). Also it was delivered directly to the default address (without prior conformation).

Compared to Shipito:
No hidden fees (like $3 Processing Fee), no surcharge for lightweight high volume parcels (unless length + width + heigh >203cm), and no DHL Express "customs handling fees" if selected "Budget Economy". But it took a week longer.

Parcel consolidation is only avaiable with paid subscriptions.

Disclaimer: I'm EU based - I don't know exactly if everything works the same way for UK orders (but is listed so)

-> If you add the insurance, there is no big difference to RightStuf UK shippings. But I guess RightStuf has better packaging.
However for EU orders (as these are subject to additional Fedex Handling fees) MyUS might be reasonable. And also for stores that don't ship overseas like Sentai.