Anime retailers No Import Fees List

If you know of any anime companies that do not charge import fees, let me know.
Any listed here where you have experienced a charge in import fees let me know.

Amazon Seller Allyourmusic
Import CDs (plus vat (plus vat
DeepDiscount (plus vat
Ebay Australian seller Beatthebomb
Beatthebomb site
United Publications Up 1
Wow HD (plus vat (leave a message when ordering to declare under)
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No fees for Secondspin unless package weight is over 4lb (10 or so Individual DVDs) at which point they use UPS end to end who WILL charge.

Normal items get reshipped in the UK and arrive via RM/Yodel/Hermes with no International postmarks or CN22 form
Has anyone ordered from the_nile_stores before?
Jb hi fi have some deals on hanabee titles at moment. Order them separate, otherwise they will bunch them together and you'll be charged fees. Anything under $25 is under £15.
Also beatthebomb don't charge fees but can be expensive.

Hope this helps
I received the wrong order from second spin.
Which label do I use to return shipping
if you read the slip about returns

"if you are unsatisfied with your purchase and the merchandise is unopened we will be happy toe exchange it for you. SEND US EMAIL AT:"

"you must contact customer service to obtain a return label and a RA#. Returns cannot be accepted without this number."


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Just shoot them an email, they'll probably send out a replacement if they still have it. Had a order of an FUNimation LE a while back missing the DVD's and they promptly send me a complete collection without the need for me to send the incorrect item back.
Was that a troll?
I mixed it up with Solaris Japan in my head, not the first time. LMAO. Friend of mine likes to read to me lists from that site and everytime I get confused thinking he is speaking of Solaris Japan. Apologies for exposing you to that site haha, now you know my pain.