Anime retailers No Import Fees List

Hope it goes well for you. I’ve never had any problems with them. Last Blu ray I got from them was ACCA box set 1 which was almost £100 and that got through without getting caught by customs.
I'm more concerned with it arriving damaged. I really don't want to deal with replacements for imports.
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@Gemsy-chan Heaven's Feel finally arrived from CDJapan but got hit by customs. At least it arrived in mint condition :D
That’s a shame, I’ll have to see if my items get hit now (although the value is no where near Heavens Feel but still over our threshold). It would be a real shame if they’ve changed procedure and not an unfortunate one off.

In all the years I’ve used them I’ve never been hit when it’s been marked as gift, even last year I had something that was 13000 yen and that got through unscathed, so I’ll be pretty bummed if they are starting to get hit.
I got hit with a CDJapan order a few weeks ago that were cheaper than the one that wasn't a few months ago. Maybe the customs office have a new employee that's a jobsworth!