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“Also worth noting that we are authoring our own disc for this release, so we are not utilising any disc master that has been used in other English speaking territories.”

Okay I apologize. CE as well but 4 eps so I wonder the price
YES. The Viz disc I own has horrible compression artifacts. Re:Zero levels of banding.


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Looking forward to being able to own Silver Spoon. Maquia's constant delays are annoying, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. Not sure I'll bother picking anything else up, but I expect @Teapot will be buying the Geass movies for the household too. :)


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No Gundam?


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While inevitable at this point, I must admit that I'm really annoyed by another Maquia delay - especially given that I paid up-front in early December. I can't really cancel however, because I'll lose the Early Bird exclusive bonus.
Anime Limited mentioned that they're making their own master with the French side, which is understandable given the issues with the US release. I wonder if this was a cause for the delay?

Great to finally have a release period for Silver Spoon though.

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Silver Spoon CE sets on Blu-ray - Yay! That show is basically all about where I live - huge dairy farm region around here.
B: The Beginning CE - I already have the JP Box set on pre-order (subbed), will probably get this CE too.
Mirai and Maquia I may just get the US LE releases for. Already have the Maquia Standard release, but I had ordered that one before the LE was announced.

I wish Violet Evergarden would come out on Blu-ray soon... anywhere with subs or dub. I do already own the four Japanese box sets, they're just not English friendly.