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@sniper_samurai I'm in the same boat as you. Mine's dispatching late as well. I know it's beyond their control but I can't help but feel very disappointed. I have some time off next week so I could've chilled and watched some ZZ but it's probably going to arrive when I'm back to work now. Sigh.
Sorry to hear that, and again huge apologies! The remaining stock is getting dispatched and shipped to customers as quickly as humanly possible, so although we can't guarantee it fingers crossed you get your copy before returning to work.


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I've mentioned this in the PHOTOS thread and on Discord, but here's some tibits on Double Zeta:
  • Box doesn't have the bleeding spine issue that Zeta had (which is a little noticeable).
  • The Blu-ray case is a normal one so there's no over-lapping discs this time around.
  • The menus are way better, looks like a modified version of Nozomi's.
  • English & French subtitles are white for those who like that.
Overall, this gets my seal of approval.

Now for the long wait on Double Zeta Part 2.

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Sounds good, it's a great little series. If this is a hint that it's been licenced then I'll be very happy

Edit: of course It's only speculation at this stage.
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I hope we get a good mix of Newer titles with a nice handful of older titles thrown inbetween. Since I primarily buy from the US I really only get excited for classic titles or titles not available in the US. So if Little Witch Academia finally gets a localized English release that'd be great.
its too early for LWA to get a home video release in the west. It hasn't finished being released in JP yet.

There is also no proof they are guests called by AL so I'd say don't get your hopes too high just incase.