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It's just us being safe as last time the K-On committee sprang those rules on us at the very last minute for K-ON which makes it harder to enforce and if it's their request we understand and respect it.
Andrew, I asked on twitter, but I think it got missed, are we allowed to take written notes at the Q&A?

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Love the fact that on that Twitter link there is a multiple reply conversation between someone and Anime Limited France that boils down to them saying "It's in Sunrise's hands, we can only release when we can." and "The champagne will be out when it's finally released in April". It's literally several pages of this thread translated into French.


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One question about the Sunrise/Gundam thing- does the deal they currently have with AL determine anything for streaming? Just curious given that UK is on a cliff edge right now if we'd lose the streaming of the franchise on platforms like Daisuki if the physical releases were lost. Sunrise do practice region locking with them.


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Found this on the AL Facebook page which was posted a couple days ago (regarding Belladonna of Sadness):
Hi Sam, the latest on this is that our release of the film looks be coming out in April now. However when it comes to the big book that was also part of the offer, we're actually expecting those in sooner. So chances are they will be sent in advance of our actual release of the film, and the film itself will follow as soon as it's ready. Hope this helps
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I want to be mad at AL for, once again, using better artwork for the CE of a former UE, but I really don't care anymore. I'll just have to buy the FMP CE and trade in the three seasons at CEX without the artbox.