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So weird that Liz and the Blue Bird movie got licensed despite the Sound! Euphonium Season 2 having not been licensed. Nozomi and Mizore, who are the main characters of Liz and the Blue Bird movie, are first introduced in the second season and the movie kinda continues/picks up from where the second season left their relationship.
Bookworm CE, Deer King CE, Tower of God UE, Utena CE probably for me. I already have standard Blu-rays for all of these, but I definitely need to add all that chipboard into my collection... Not sure about the Nadia UE or Don Glees CE, havent seen either of those.

Well, I just watched the first episode of Nadia, and it is basically just a children's cartoon, so I don't think that would be of any interest to me.
I'm a little confused about what constitutes an ultimate edition at this point. Most previous ones have had crazy bespoke packaging and unusual extra items. Now the difference between UE and CE just seems to be the page count of the book, unless these releases will have more that hasn't been announced yet.

I think the difference is mainly the oversized packaging, which just makes it harder to store the release. If I'd have known there was going to be a Collector's Edition of Blood-C before I pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition during the last Christmas Sale, I would have went for the CE instead. Those UE sets have to be stored on a standard bookshelf with widely-spaced shelves, rather than on a media shelf.


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I admit Cyber City Oedo is still sitting in my backlog and I don't know what to do with it in light of this new release.
I'm very tempted by Goodbye Donglees cos it's had such a positive reception but I've not seen it yet (cinema showtimes for it next week are woeful around me, it's got a single screening on a wed evening and that's it) and so depending on price I may wait for a standard edition, otherwise I think it'll be nothing for me.

And I'll say it again, no Eva 3.0+1.0 is very disappointing, I figured that was a lock.
Depending on the deals of the sale itself, I may cancel my AU sub though, as I don't find I've had that much value from it this year.
Still too soon for any Evangelion 3.0+1.0 news, the Japanese home release isn't until February.


You're talking in regards to the books/webtoon/whatever it technically is called right? The anime only has 1 season so far, with another in development.

Oops, my bad. When I googled how many seasons it had and it said 3, I mistakenly assumed it was for the anime. 🤦‍♂️

Hopefully Anime Limited can pick up season 2 when it is available for licence.

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Kinda what I expected so I'm not disappointed as i need to save money!!
They'll probably still get my money in the BoGoF and Stocking fillers though!

Biggest surprise was Tower of God as its a 'Crunchyroll Original' guessing that's been in the pipeline a long while! Hope they put future seasons in that contact 🧐

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Oops, my bad. When I googled how many seasons it had and it said 3, I mistakenly assumed it was for the anime. 🤦‍♂️

Hopefully Anime Limited can pick up season 2 when it is available for licence.

It is misleading. I found that coming up every time I looked for news on a season 2. I know there's already a season 3 of the webtoon, there's anime in the search bar so filter results by that a bit at least. Haha.

Hopefully. By buying this hopefully it'll help support it and show that I'd want them to pick up the next season when the time comes there too.

Now all I have to do is find the books. First just got released yesterday.


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I took some screenshots for the sets that had pictures:

The Deer King Collector’s Edition Blu-ray


Liz and the Blue Bird Collector’s Edition Blu-ray


Neon Genesis Evangelion Collector’s Edition Blu-ray


Tower of God Ultimate Edition Blu-ray



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Liz and the Blue Bird is a definitive buy for me, will likely pick up Eva as I couldn't afford it last year, glad I held off on buying the standard release which didn't include the ADV / Manga Ent. versions.

The rest will depend how much everything is and how much I spend in the sale though they are all titles I am interested in owning eventually. I don't own any Ultimate Edition's due to their awkward size (and price) so may just wait out for regular CE's for the titles which are getting UE's, I'll see.


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I'm also pretty sad that Kakegurui s2 wasn't announced. The wait continues.
I'm a maybe on the Evangelion CE. I was thinking about the zavvi exclusive one but decided against it because well, it's from zavvi, so this is pretty appealing. As long as it's not stupidly priced, I'll be interested.


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What’s the difference between the Liz and the bluebird masters? I have the Japanese blu ray so is that the home video master? I was going to get the uk release just to get a subtitled disc but I might pass if it’s borked.


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Probably just get the films.

Interesting to see them get Crunchyroll stuff with The Tower of God being an "Original" and A Place Further Than the Universe got some funding from them. I can see APFTTU being picked up because Crunchyroll probably wouldn't have bothered with a, on the surface anyway, CGDCT show, but ToG?


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This concept of theatrical and home video versions fascinates me; I'm used to seeing nothing but outrage if there are any alterations to the theatrical cut of a film (without it at least being presented alongside).