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Day 1 of Cloud matsuri should be starting soon for any that may have lost track of time

Took me a little while to find, but i think this is the link for day 1:
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Wait, what? When did they announce Cloud Matsuri?!?!?! have I had my head in the ground that bad? 😂
It was just a twitter announcement back on Monday, there is a post from WMD with a twitter link a page back.
Day 1 was just a pre-recored interveiw, I think you can watch anytime.
Day 2 (Today at 6PM UK) is when we find out about all the possible upcoming christmas titles (not sure if this one is live or just pre-recored)
breif video details (so in spoiler)

Mystery boxes (maybe 2 not sure, didnt really say)
a few on sale CE: tokyo ghoul, inyasha, ride your wave, promised never CE
vinyl sound tracks going on sale too
BOFOG: Re: zero, SAO, gundam

Ascendence of a bookworm S1-2 CE
Deer king CE
Liz and the blue bird CE
Evangelion CE (11 dsic netflix+classics version)
Nadia secret of blue water UE 4K
Tower of god CE/UE?
Utena - complete series box set
Goodbye Donglees CE
Cyber city owedeo 8080 (new orginal masters)
vinyl Ghibli
vinyl Attack on titan S3
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That was shorter than I thought it would be, and very surprised no Eva 3.0+1.0 announce

List of announcements that I gathered, not sure if I missed any:
Ascendance of a Bookworm S1+2
The Deer King
Liz and the Blue Bird
Tower of God
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Goodbye Donglees
Cyber City Oedo 8080 rerelease
Ghibli compilation vinyl
Attack on Titan S3 vinyl