UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited Discussion Thread

Better pray for Rose Of Versailles, Dear Brother and early Lupin the Third stuff for day two.
A new show Gundam would be a nice like Build Fighters, G Gundam or 0080

As great as that sounds, unless there's been a radical shift in either AL's business strategy, or more likely, the UK fanbase, I'm pretty much resigned to picking up those pre-90's classic titles as US imports. It's honestly a shame that European releases don't include English subtitle options, but that would probably be a gamble on their part.

Still, never say never. As the recent Discotek license of Aim for the Ace shows, anything is possible if you wait long enough. So long as that something isn't a Land of the Lustrous anime continuation. 😟
Late on this but I am honestly surprised to see more Crunchyroll licenses picked up by Anime Limited. Now as far as I know they haven't stated whether this was before or after the merger, because that's a big deal on whether or not the older licenses can still be released to other distributors (otherwise it is a complete monopoly to have them all kept to just one distributor).

Do Crunchyroll have Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! ? Why are we still waiting for a physical release of that one?