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    One of the best cinema anime experiences I ever had was Your Name at the Islington Vue. And this is just a couple of years on from when From Up On Poppy Hill came out and the best you could get was a tiny screen in the Brixton Ritzy.

    Anime in cinemas has come miles in just a few years and I can only imagine it'll keep improving given the recent success stories.
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  2. Lambadelta

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    I'm really hoping the new Odeon iSense cinema near me will show things like ASV and SAO.
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    Well I watched Your Name at Vue cinema, they also allowed early bookings so one we get the official announcement I will be booking A Silent voice.
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    Watched the movie Yugioh movie last week. Not a Yugioh fan, but me and my friends had a good laugh. I'll get them to go see A Silent Voice, too. :p

    I have the same reaction to the lousy overpriced confectionary... they still get me with the "It's only £1 more to go large", though. XD
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    It was a packed house at Dundee's DCA yesterday to see A Silent Voice.

    Advance tickets had sold so well that the film was moved from screen 2 to the larger-capacity screen 1. The last time that happened was back in November last year with a film called... oh, Your Name. :)

    As for A Silent Voice: wow. Just wow. I'm a bit lost for words, to be honest. It's a lot to take in with just one viewing. Roll on the home release from Anime Limited, and hats off to them again for bringing us this cinema tour. Their catalogue is, increasingly, frighteningly good.

    I'm really enjoying this Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme. Tonight I'm going to see a documentary film about a fish market. :)
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    Just saw A Silent Voice, and Kyoto Ani have freaking outdone themselves! Such a good movie, and I'm really glad it got cinema screenings, because it's definitely something that deserves the big screen. I actually came out and immediately wanted to watch it again.

    I just hope that the home release doesn't take as long as Your Name is going to. I'm definitely in for the fanciest edition AL offers up.
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  9. Rui

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    They run a Japanese fan site for the manga, so they're probably very interested in the international reception :)

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  10. Jaysgba

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    Do we know who has Napping Princess for the UK?
  11. NormanicGrav

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    Assuming the Japanese name is Hirune Hime: Shiranai Watashi no Monogatari, my guess is Anime Limited.
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    Booked my ticket for SAO Ordinal Scale, it a shame I missed ASV but SAO seems to have a better spread of screens. In this Corner of the world is up for pre booking tomorrow as well.
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  13. Neil.T

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    Well spoken, my Lord. :D

    If the film had been screening again the next day, I would've booked another ticket for it on the way out of the cinema. I totally understood why @Jaysgba was so keen to see it again.

    Also, I wonder if this is something @anime_andrew would be able to answer...

    This page on the Scotland Loves Anime website said back in September:
    I know that SLA took place in Aberdeen in December last year, but I don't know about the others. It definitely hasn't come to Dundee.

    (We got Your Name, and also A Silent Voice as part of the Japan Foundation Tour, but nothing under the SLA banner.)

    Is this now not going to take place? I'd been hoping to see Momotaro and Harmony as well, having missed them at SLA 2016.
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  14. Jaysgba

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    The touring screenings of A Silent Voice used the SLA subtitles, so perhaps that counts?
  15. Neil.T

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    This reminds me, actually. Did anyone else find technical problems with the subtitles at their screening? When any subs overlapped, they were pasted on top of each other on the same line, making them unreadable.
  16. Lord Bacchus

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    I got the first AL screening and didn't experience any sub issues. Perhaps something specific to the Japan Touring Foundation run?
  17. Lambadelta

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    I've asked them about something similar back with Your Name. Apparently subtitle issues like that are a fault with the cinema's software for rendering subtitles.
  18. anime_andrew

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    Actually we partner with Discovery usually due to timing being the same hence Your Name appearing there - it's a more contained line-up but still the same :). For A Silent Voice, was easier to output as JPF given the DCA runs their stuff too :).

    Side note for Harmony but way too late there unless there's a good reason :). For other stuff, you never know though and we're always growing stuff out so keep an eye out.

    Dumfries ran Your Name specifically down the line with SLA too as an aside.
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  19. anime_andrew

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    Yep - if it happens it's due to the subtitle rendering system in some cinemas mostly. Japanese subs do stuff projectors just don't like doing and can come thick & fast so it causes hiccups with some. Very hard to tell where and when it will happen sadly!

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  20. Buzz201

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    I was excited to discover SAO was playing in Cheltenham the other day. Then I realised, I'm probably not in Cheltenham that week...

    Trust me to let the side down again. :(