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    You realise that somewhere Grav is crying that his news reports here were missed in favour of the one from UKA a day later?

    A Silent Voice joins The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2017 line-up! (

    But yes, it's great news. The gradual growth of anime in UK cinemas over the years has been an absolute delight; as cinemas decline maybe more of them will jump on the enthusiasm niche audiences have for screenings.

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    Sorry, Grav! I hadn't seen that yet. :oops:
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    No, I'm not excited. All that will happen is more insufferable people talking about how great A Silent Voice (or some other title) is, whilst the home video release is delayed until 2020, and we'll have to deal with them bitching that their local cinema is only showing it 8 times, whilst Gloucestershire still gets not a single screening. And when put to them, the distributor will excuse it by claiming it's not getting screened in the Highlands either, because you know, the Highlands and Gloucestershire are cut from the same cloth...

    To be rather selfish, I either wish it was truly wide enough to cover everywhere or so limited as not to dampen my Twitter feed. *Continues grumbling incoherently*
  5. Rui

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    Yeah but Buzz, you know what's even worse? People raving about some random film they saw 15 times on their last trip to Japan when nobody else has a prayer of seeing it locally in any legal way at all until 2020. Baby steps! Films have always been handled horrifically here and delays have always been annoying. Letting us nip in and watch stuff while it's still somewhat culturally relevant is huge.

    Is there any mileage in moaning at your local cinemas to show demand? I have to travel for 45 minutes to even get to a cinema (which doesn't show anime), but public transport down here is so good that I can't really complain; it's relatively easy for me to pop into London and a lot of stuff has at least one venue there. I'm one of the lucky ones.

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    I landed lucky, too. My local independent cinema, Dundee Contemporary Arts, is one of the venues for the JpF Tour.

    I was kind of hoping that this thread could also be used for posting details of anime showing at our local cinemas. It might help spread awareness of what's screening within travelling distance.
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    They are apparently showing Yu-Gi-Oh!, so maybe.

    To be honest the only person I know who watches films in Japan is you. :p I wonder if maybe Funimation were right to delay the bulk of their screenings of Your Name. At the very least AL's attempts at hyping it up have backfired, as it worked so well and the production committee don't care to try and capitalise upon that.

    There's some unreleased stuff on Emirates' entertainment system, so maybe I'll be fortunate enough to see Shin Godzilla next week. I will however mention it once, rather than excessively.
  8. thedoctor2016

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    The Watershed in bristol finally gave a date for ASV which fits with my monday lectures so I've bought my ticket.
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    I believe that the UKA megahype for the GUP movie originated from their viewing of it on a Japan trip ( UKA: Girls und Panzer: Der Film ). Flights overseas are definitely brilliant for foreign film too; there are a load of crazy jidaigeki films shown on my trips which we never get over here. Sadly. Definitely post your impressions so those of us in 2017 can celebrate in 2020 when the releases roll around to the UK.

    (I feel like some kind of UKA stalker now but for some reason that article stuck in my mind at the time.)

  10. Neil.T

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    Oh, nice. DCA haven't set their dates yet.

    I'll grab my ticket as soon as they do, though. :)
  11. Buzz201

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    There was an article somewhere indicating UK & Irish rights had already been sold, so it might not be too long.
  12. Jatz

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    I'm at the point where if Yugioh was shown in any cinema in Gloucester, I'd buy tickets to go see it. I'm surprised there's hardly ever a showing for an anime movie here. Whenever I go to Waterstones or HMV there's usually one person in the anime/manga section. If that isn't proof that there's a market here, I don't know what is...

    Fingers crossed A Silent Voice gets a screening here. (probably won't)

    Oh Snap! 2019 can't get here soon enough!
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  13. Buzz201

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    It was scheduled for Cheltenham Cineworld, if you can get to The Brewery on Wednesday 1st or Friday 4th February. I was tempted to go, just to show my support, but I've never seen Yu-Gi-Oh! before.
  14. anime_andrew

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    A) A Silent Voice is getting released on homevideo this year in the U.K. so you can relax there.

    B) It's getting a full day event minimum (I can hope longer) in March too. JPF is just a preview run in February to whet your appetite so there'll be more venues and promo. Stay tuned!

    C) Stranraer is in the southwest of Scotland, not the Highlands and actually Your Name and A Silent Voice have aired in the Highlands at the Belmont in Aberdeen.

    We strive to bring anime as far as we can and we've done a great job with Your Name but it's also down to cinema programmers to take it. If they have not in Gloucestershire yet I'm sorry and we'll keep an eye but I'd never fob off being programmed in one place because it's not been done elsewhere.


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  15. thedoctor2016

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    So I get to see ASV Weeks early. Must be justice for not seeing YN.
    Also High Speed when.... xD
  16. Buzz201

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    I'm sure you've said a few times that it wasn't playing in the Highlands, maybe I misunderstood. But, to be fair, most of my complaints are out of your control. It's not your fault certain individuals are really annoying on Twitter, and you can only do what the Production Committee lets you.

    That said, even if there's nothing that can be done, that doesn't mean I can't be disappointed.
  17. anime_andrew

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    Well for one I just said homevideo will be far less time than Your Name and I'll be doing my best for ASV too for theatrical :).

    So it's still not going to be long especially vs America for it :).

    So chin up, no reason to be totally down in the dumps on this one I'd hope :).

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    In This Corner of the World when.
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    I have to wait until March to finally rewatch A Silent Voice? How about bringing it forward to February and pushing Zeta Gundam part 1 back to March to balance the delays in a way I find more agreeable?
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    Huzzah for this!
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