Anime at the cinema

Once, I went to a day one film and someone next to me was eating a tuna sandwich… from that day on, I get the seat furthest away from anyone else 🤣 thankfully the leg room is decent at my cinema and I don’t mind being in the middle or the side.
HAIKYU!! The Dumpster Battle (GekijĹŤban Haikyu!! Gomi Suteba no Kessen), the first film in the two-part Haikyu!! Final sequel film project, will be screened in U.K. cinemas on May 31.

SLA will be 1-10 November this year. Hopefully will be able to make it!!
I better get some time off sorted out. One thing I noticed is that they only listed the combined dates, and haven't included the dates for each location like they did before. I wonder if the dates are split like before, or if the event is now concurrent between the two locations.
I’ll definitely try and go again this year. Not sure if I’d rather go to Glasgow or Edinburgh though. Might wait until I see the lineup first.
I'll definitely be going to Glasgow and more than likely Edinburgh depending on the schedule of films and work availablity. Hopefully will be a good lineup this year 🤞

If there was still any doubt, on Facebook they stated 1-3 was Glasgow and 4-10 was Edinburgh as expected, although goodness knows why they wouldn't put it in the first tweet
Saw Spy x Family: Code White tonight in IMAX, I took my mother to see it since she's such a huge fan of the series. It was just OK for me, about on par with the series, although a bit more over the top. I will just say one thing about the movie:

"I am the Poop God!"